Now Convert Resdex Mail to a Power HV in a Click

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Do you send frequent mass mails to jobseekers from Naukri Resdex to fill positions in your organization? If the answer is yes, then this feature is for you.

Naukri now allows you to directly convert your Resdex mails to an AI-driven job posting known as Power HV in just a click.

How to convert a Resdex mail to a Power HV

Power HV

How it works?

Power HV

A Power HV is a smart way to post your job on Naukri. With a Power HV, you get applies from candidates you like with Naukri AI!

Here’s why you should convert your Resdex mail to a Power HV :

  • Powered by AI – When you send your job as an email to candidates matching your search criteria, Naukri leverages Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology to understand the kind of candidates you seek. And once you convert your mail to a Power HV, Naukri’s advanced AI/ML algorithms find similar candidates (active as well as passive) from crores of job seekers.
  • Right Targeting – Once the right candidates are identified, Naukri ensures that your job gets highlighted to them through job alerts and recommendations.
  • Relevant Applies – Since a Power HV multiplies your reach to relevant audience in almost no time, you will now get higher number of relevant applies from the candidates you wish to hire. That’s not all! Naukri’s intelligent AI algorithms will also filter out irrelevant applies to deliver the most relevant applications in your Response manager.

How it works?

  •  Conduct a search in Resdex.
  • Select relevant candidates from the search results in order to send them an email for your requirement (Resdex Mail to Jobseeker or RMJ).
  • Add job details and select appropriate candidate filters to ensure that only the right candidates receive the email. Preview the email and send it.
  • Once the Resdex mail is triggered to the selected candidates, a pop up message will be visible to you to convert the same email to a Power HV.
  • Now all you need to do is to click on ‘Post a Power HV now’. Naukri will auto-fill your job from RMJ, thus saving your time and effort.

Now sit back and relax. Let Naukri’s powerful AI technology bring you the most relevant candidates in no time.

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Happy smart hiring !