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Enterprise Resdex  – Personalized Search, Driving Value

What is Enterprise Resdex ?

Naukri now offers a unique way to derive value out of your hiring patterns and preferences.
By understanding the nature of your hiring activity on Naukri, Resdex system now has the the ability to improve your hiring efficiency.
The Enterprise Resdex  product applies knowledge of the company’s unique usage patterns and hiring preferences.

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Introducing Personalized Search Logic

Personalized Search logic identifies Recruiters’ hiring pattern and preferences to create a custom search experience. So, how is this Personalized Search Logic actually computed?

  • A Company’s preferences are inferred from multiple parameters including –
    1. Search patterns and cv view behavior of recruiters of the company
    2. Historical data on employee profiles of the company coupled with their role matrix and job responsibilities
    3. Individual preference model per company to achieve different results for same search. for example – Search on “sales manager” for company A could be very different from another company B, based on their past preference and hiring pattern.

How can users use Custom Search Logic?
  • Custom Search Option – default Sort By Option for Enterprise Resdex Clients
  • Option to change  – the Sort By Option from the following touch points –
Custom Sort Advanced

Advanced Search Page

Custom SORT Settings

Search Setting Page

For any queries, email us at support@naukri.com

To know more about Enterprise Resdex, please contact your Account Manager.

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