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Make your Job Posting Apply Process Seamless

Do you post jobs on Naukri and get candidates to redirect to your site for apply ? If yes, then this blog is for you. To know more about this process, reach us at applyintegration@naukri.com   Happy hiring, Naukri team

How to enable your email client to display images automatically ?

How to enable your email client to display images automatically ?   Lot of recruiters choose to receive their Job Responses on Email. This means whenever a jobseeker applies to your job, an email with the apply details and the candidate's attached CV (for registered jobseekers) is sent to the recruiter's email-id. Since this email has multiple data points present as images, you would need to enable 'download images in your email client' to start seeing these data points. Let us see how to enable images manually or automatically for different email clients. Outlook 2003 ... Read More

Auto-Generated Questionnaire for your job postings

What are Job Posting questionnaires Questionnaires in job posting can be used to obtain additional information from the candidates applying to your job. An Intelligent Questionnaire helps recruiter narrow down on the relevant candidates. However, some recruiters may not be aware of questionnaires or may forget to attach these questionnaires. Also, creating these questions can be a little confusing for some recruiters. Recruiters may not know how to frame questions and what could be the right answer types. Now, we generate these Questionnaires for you In order to help recruiters  with these... Read More

FAQ – Personalized Application Filters

1. What are 'Personalized Application Filters' in Job Posting ? At times, shortlisting the right candidates becomes tedious for Recruiters because: Some of the Responses may not match the requirement(s) for the posted job. Too many Responses may lead to recruiter missing out on relevant candidates. Recruiters can now apply 'Personalized Application Filters' to their Job Posting(s). Only those Responses that match these filters will be sent on Recruiter's email id(s) and marked as 'Matched applications' in Online Response Manager. 2. How will Application Filters... Read More

Personalized Application Filters (PAF) – Get ONLY Relevant Job Responses

What are Personalized Application Filters - With a huge response to every job posting chances are high that you would miss out on talent that’s buried under this pile. But NOT anymore! Enjoy easier and faster shortlisting now. * Set Customized Filters * Modify filters according to your needs * Get only relevant responses directly in your Inbox How to set filters to your job posting in Simple Steps – Step 1: Choose 'Applications based on 'Personalized Application Filters' under Manage Responses section in Naukri Job Posting form Step 2: Select values for one or more of the... Read More

You can now add Photos and Presentations to your Job Postings!

We have introduced a new feature to add Photos and Presentations to your Job Posting. These would be displayed to the jobseeker on the Job Description (JD) page. This feature is intended to work for you as a branding tool so that you can promote/advertise your company to jobseekers better. You can either upload photos of your office facility and people (building, employee work space, cafeteria, office personnel etc.) or upload a corporate presentation that you would like jobseekers to go through. As of now, we have limited the access of this feature to Companies that – a) Have an... Read More

Get better at using Naukri – Download the Quick Start Guide

Whether you are an experienced recruiter or have just started out, the Naukri.com Quick Start Guide has tips and techniques to help you find the right candidate faster. It is extremely important that you are aware of the different Resdex Search and Job Posting tips and when to use them to get the desired results. The Quick Start Guide for Recruiters is a small attempt to help you with your quest for talent. This document is drafted in a simple and user friendly manner to help not only a new recruiter but also aid people who have been using our recruitment solutions for a long time. The... Read More

Edit & Refresh a Job in One Go !

Now you can Edit and Refresh a job on the site in one easy step. When you are editing a job, you will also have an option to ‘Post & Refresh’ it on the preview and confirmation page. Clicking this button will post the job with the applied changes and also refresh it to ensure better visibility and higher ranking on the site. Click image to enlarge

Now, Job Postings using XML Feeds

Posting jobs on Naukri has become even easier and faster. We have launched a new interface 'Test an XML' that will help you in parsing your XML files before you upload your jobs on Naukri using the XML feed method. What is an XML Feed? An XML (Extensible Markup Language) file can contain information about multiple job postings. When you send your XML file to Naukri, it is known as an XML feed. So, by using an XML feed you can post multiple jobs on Naukri without having to fill up the job posting forms for each of them. Why use an XML Feed? XML postings would be a seamless process. Using... Read More

Refreshing Jobs – It’s Automatic, It’s Easier!

As we have observed over time that recruiters sometimes visit the website just to refresh the job they have posted recently. So, just to ease off this iteration and provide you with a comfortable experience with the site, we thought of automating this process too, providing you with "Recurring Refresh". With this feature added in the Job Posting forms, and in the Manage Jobs Section, the Users can set automatic Job Refreshes at predefined Time Intervals without even visiting the site. First, you need to set the Recurrence Pattern to Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly, to define the... Read More