Auto-Generated Questionnaire for your job postings

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What are Job Posting questionnaires

Questionnaires in job posting can be used to obtain additional information from the candidates applying to your job. An Intelligent Questionnaire helps recruiter narrow down on the relevant candidates.

However, some recruiters may not be aware of questionnaires or may forget to attach these questionnaires.
Also, creating these questions can be a little confusing for some recruiters. Recruiters may not know how to frame questions and what could be the right answer types.

Now, we generate these Questionnaires for you

In order to help recruiters  with these custom questions, Naukri will now provide auto generated ‘Questionnaires.’

  • A recruiter posting a job on Naukri with eApps/CSM as response manager will be suggested a set of questions.
  • Recruiters can choose to include/reject/modify these questions and attach the same to their job.

Other important points on these questionnaires

  1. When will this Questionnaire appear ?

While posting a job with eApps/CSM as a response manager and not attaching a questionnaire, recruiter will be prompted with auto-generated questionnaire.


  1. What type of questions will be suggested as part of Auto-suggest questionnaire ?

Questions on jobseeker’s Experience, Keyskills, designation, CTC, Current Location, Education and notice period.


  1. Can a recruiter change one or more of these questions ?
    Recruiter can choose to add more questions/delete specific questions.
    Recruiter can also choose to make these questions mandatory/non-mandatory as per her need.


  1. Can a recruiter view these questions will appear to candidates applying to her job ?
    Yes, recruiters can click on ‘Preview Questionnaire’ to see how these questions will appear to candidates.


  1. Can a Recruiter remove these suggested questionnaire in case she does not like it ?
    Yes, recruiters can skip the suggested questionnaire.
    Recruiter can also choose to disable the auto-suggested questionnaire feature for up to 15 days.

    Auto-Generated Questionnaire

    Auto-Generated Questionnaire (Click on the image to enlarge)

    Read more on how to filter relevant candidates using questionnaire responses

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    Happy Hiring !
    Naukri Product Team