Refreshing Jobs – It’s Automatic, It’s Easier!

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As we have observed over time that recruiters sometimes visit the website just to refresh the job they have posted recently. So, just to ease off this iteration and provide you with a comfortable experience with the site, we thought of automating this process too, providing you with “Recurring Refresh”.

With this feature added in the Job Posting forms, and in the Manage Jobs Section, the Users can set automatic Job Refreshes at predefined Time Intervals without even visiting the site.

First, you need to set the Recurrence Pattern to Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly, to define the frequency of the automatic Refreshes. Then, you can define the Expiry for the Automatic Refreshes (i.e. after a certain no. of Refreshes or a particular Date).
It is however important to note here is that each Job Refresh utilizes a Job Posting Credit.

Job Posting Form

The Job Posting Form has a section “Schedule Recurring Refresh” added in both the versions viz. Hot Vacancy & Classifieds.

You can set the Auto Refresh pattern for the Job being posted, using this Section. This will automatically refresh the Job on the site depending on the pattern set by you. The Auto Refresh would last till the No. of Refreshes selected or by the Date of Expiry.
Manage Jobs

The Auto Refresh can also be set on the Job(s) already posted using the Mange Jobs Interface. The Manage Jobs Interface has the functionality integrated into the Refresh Button only, as shown below:

The Interface displays the Next Refresh (due) in case an Auto Refresh has been set for the Job.

As you click on the Refresh Button on this page, you will have to select form the following options:

To Refresh the Job normally at the moment, you can use the Refresh Now option. If you wish to schedule a Recurring Refresh, you can suitably select from the interface and define the Expiry, as needed.

If, in case, the system is unable to refresh the job automatically, you would be notified on your e-mail.

We hope that you would like the feature. Do share your feedback as it will help us in evolving our products and services.