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Star Rating Filter – Get Relevant responses smartly

Star Rating Filter  - Get Relevant responses smartly !   What is Star rating Filter ? When a candidate applies to your job posting, Naukri matches the candidate profile with the job parameters like Job Title, Experience, location, Keywords etc. and provides a relevance rating to the candidate CV for that job. This relevance rating (Star rating) can be 1 star to 5 star – 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. You will now be able to set filters on Star rating as well. For example –  you would be able to define that only 4 star and 5 star rated CVs should be available... Read More

FAQ – Personalized Application Filters

1. What are 'Personalized Application Filters' in Job Posting ? At times, shortlisting the right candidates becomes tedious for Recruiters because: Some of the Responses may not match the requirement(s) for the posted job. Too many Responses may lead to recruiter missing out on relevant candidates. Recruiters can now apply 'Personalized Application Filters' to their Job Posting(s). Only those Responses that match these filters will be sent on Recruiter's email id(s) and marked as 'Matched applications' in Online Response Manager. 2. How will Application Filters... Read More

Personalized Application Filters (PAF) – Get ONLY Relevant Job Responses

What are Personalized Application Filters - With a huge response to every job posting chances are high that you would miss out on talent that’s buried under this pile. But NOT anymore! Enjoy easier and faster shortlisting now. * Set Customized Filters * Modify filters according to your needs * Get only relevant responses directly in your Inbox How to set filters to your job posting in Simple Steps – Step 1: Choose 'Applications based on 'Personalized Application Filters' under Manage Responses section in Naukri Job Posting form Step 2: Select values for one or more of the... Read More