Star Rating Filter – Get Relevant responses smartly

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Star Rating Filter  – Get Relevant responses smartly !


What is Star rating Filter ?

When a candidate applies to your job posting, Naukri matches the candidate profile with the job parameters like Job Title, Experience, location, Keywords etc. and provides a relevance rating to the candidate CV for that job.
This relevance rating (Star rating) can be 1 star to 5 star – 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.
You will now be able to set filters on Star rating as well.
For example –  you would be able to define that only 4 star and 5 star rated CVs should be available as matched responses.


How can i apply the same to my Job Posting ?

When you post a job on Naukri, these filters will get automatically applied.
Default filters will consider 2 star and above as matched responses.
You will be able to modify these from the job posting confirmation page itself.

In case you do not want any filters to be applied, you can choose to select 1 star and above as desired responses.
This would mean all responses will be sent on the email-id mentioned in the job posting.


Will these filters be shown to Jobseekers ?

No, these filters will NOT be shown to jobseekers.
The filter values as specified by you will be used to screen and send only matching responses to your email.


Can i change the filters  applied to my Job? if yes, how ?

Yes, you can change your Application Filters applied to your Job Posting anytime while the posting is active. Filters can also be applied/edited from “Manage Jobs and Responses Page” by clicking on the ‘Add/Modify Filter’ link below the Job Title.


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Happy Hiring !
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