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Top 5 mistakes to AVOID when sending your Referral emails

Is your Referral program not working well enough ! Read on to know where you may be going wrong. Not Including any Referral Incentive Incentive is the Biggest Motivation for your employees! Yes, studies have shown when you add a referral incentive (monetary or non-monetary) to the referred job, you get MORE and BETTER QUALITY responses.   Not adding a reminder for your employees Yes! It can cost you some quality responses. Employees may be pre-occupied and may not respond the very first time when the email is sent. Sending reminder email can help them retain... Read More

Learn to tap your employees network, NOW!

  Allow your employees to share your referral job on various social sites Select the option to share on social sites  when sending out your referral mailer; Get unique CV’s through these networks Employees need to Login and share the jobs on their social networks - to their friends and other groups they are part of.   Educate your employees about using ‘Send Email’ feature” This can help you in tapping your employees personal/Professional network in just one click. Employees can easily extract contacts from their Gmail/ LinkedIn account and send the job to their... Read More

Boost your Referral hiring !

Low hiring via employee referral? Boost your referral hiring!      You may have one of the best employee referral programs across industry but it may not yield expected results if employees are not interested or aware about it. Use top recommendations below to get your employees interested - Attach a handsome incentive to your referrals Make your referral jobs more competitive; Receive more relevant responses. Employees tend to share the positions more if there is an incentive attached. Set higher rewards for urgent and niche profiles. Increase motivation; Pay more... Read More

3 Simple Steps to increase your Referral CVs from Employees

Recruiters have experienced a 12% Increase in their daily inflow of relevant Referral resumes. Few Simple steps to help you get the same desired result - Right Incentive Employees tend to share the position more if there is a an incentive attached to it.  Make your referral jobs more competitive to receive relevant responses. Set higher rewards for urgent and niche profiles. Make sure that some amount is paid advance to the employee for the closure. (If there is a 90 days payment window then maintain 1:4 ratio - pay 1 part upfront, and 4 parts later) Target Right Audience  Reach... Read More

Why you should not use a group email-id for sending referral emails ?

I. What is a group email-id ? A group email-id is a mail alias or email group for sending emails to multiple or all employees at one go. For example all@YourCompany.com II. Why sending referral email to a group email-id is Not a good idea ? Lost tracking Naukri referral system treats this email-id as one and does not have information on employees who are part of this group. This information is not fetched from outlook to maintain security of your company data. This means when an employee refers a person, your tracker will still display the group email-id as the referrer. This... Read More

Basics of an Employee Referral Program

  Is your Employee Referral program working for you ? Are you getting the right applications ? Lets go through the basic rules that your employee referral program should follow. Reach out to Employees Employees and their network are the backbone of any employee referral program. Make sure you are reaching out to them in the right earnest. Use a Referral Tool that allows employees to share openings to their friends and networks. Employees' friends can be a good source of relevant candidates if tapped properly. Also, Sending a simple mailer to employees may not be... Read More