3 Simple Steps to increase your Referral CVs from Employees

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Recruiters have experienced a 12% Increase in their daily inflow of relevant Referral resumes.

Few Simple steps to help you get the same desired result –

  1. Right Incentive
    Employees tend to share the position more if there is a an incentive attached to it.

    • ¬†Make your referral jobs more competitive to receive relevant responses.
    • Set higher rewards for urgent and niche profiles.
    • Make sure that some amount is paid advance to the employee for the closure.
      (If there is a 90 days payment window then maintain 1:4 ratio – pay 1 part upfront, and 4 parts later)
  2. Target Right Audience 
    Reach out to the right section of your employees for the referral jobs.

    • The most effective way to maximize responses would be to identify the right employees for each position.
      For instance, employees in your customer support team may not be able to help out for hiring a mid-level marketing executive.
    • Ensure that your communication does not lack clarity. Go extra mile to understand your employees understand the referral program.
  3. Customize the senders Name in referral emails
    • Increases the open rate of the mail.
      A mail sent by a very senior person/ department head is more likely to be opened by employees.
      For example- if group CEO or HOD name is used as FromName in the referrals, the open rate is likely to be higher.
      Please note, that the FromEmail can be the HR email-id itself.
    • Also, you are likely to get more relevant responses from employees if the sender is a known person or is from the same department.

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