Boost your Referral hiring !

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Low hiring via employee referral? Boost your referral hiring!     

You may have one of the best employee referral programs across industry but it may not yield expected results if employees are not interested or aware about it.

Use top recommendations below to get your employees interested –

  1. Attach a handsome incentive to your referrals

    • Make your referral jobs more competitive; Receive more relevant responses.
    • Employees tend to share the positions more if there is an incentive attached.
    • Set higher rewards for urgent and niche profiles.
    • Increase motivation; Pay more often.
      • Split total referral incentive into different parts.
      • You can pay a part of the incentive even more the position is closed.
        (If there is a 90 days payment window, an ideal ration could be 1:4)
  2. Set Email Reminders and allow sharing on various social sites

    • Reminding your employees about the referral jobs can increase your responses.
    • When your job is viral, you tend to reach out to passive candidates, hence higher response rate.
  3. Educate your employees about the referral process

    • Introduce referral process to employees  by using our
      ‘How new Referral Process works!’ ppt.
      To share this ppt with employees, Download from here.
    • Use ‘View all referral jobs’ link in your referral email.
      • Employees can use this to refer friends for (currently live) jobs referred in the past.
  4. Brand your Referral program to your employees

    • You can now brand your employee referral pages with your branding theme.
    • These pages include ‘Upload a referral CV’ page along with ‘All referral jobs in your company’ page.
      Contact us to know more about the company branding.

Contact us for any queries.

Naukri Referral Team