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Frequently Asked Questions – Naukri Referral Hiring Tool

Naukri Referral Tool | Frequently Asked Questions For Recruiters 1. What are Employee Referrals and how do they work? Employee referral is a cost-effective way of finding the right talent through your employees' network. Recruiters share open vacancies to their employees who in turn refer their contacts for these positions. Candidates referred by current employees are more likely to be aware about the organization's culture. Also, research suggests that an employer is 7 times more* likely to hire a candidate coming through an employee referral than if the candidate applies... Read More

The New Amazing Naukri Job Posting Referrals

Employee Referrals: Engage better, Hire Faster Employee referral is fast becoming a cost-effective way of finding the right talent through your employees’ network. Our Research says that every 2 out of 3 companies in India are engaging and hiring through Employee Referral programs. Read more on Why Employee Referrals are one of the best ways to hire ! Whats new however, is the approach to reach out to Employee's Social and personal networks in an easier, more effective manner. We introduce to you Naukri Referral Tool - Easy, Fast and Powerful ! Consider reaching out to 100 of... Read More

Are you losing out on Unique and Relevant CVs ?

Get more with Employee Referrals - Engage Better, Hire Better Try out the unique ways to invite referrals Your Employees can now share jobs with friends in multiple ways - Share on Social Media in 1-click Send Referral Jobs to Gmail and LinkedIn friends Share on mobile to whatsapp, other messengers Upload Referral CVs on your branded page Target the right audience and increase the recall value Invite referrals from a specific department to increase the relevant responses Share the launch kit PPT with the employees before the referral launch Set automatic reminders for... Read More