Frequently Asked Questions – Naukri Referral Hiring Tool

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Naukri Referral Tool | Frequently Asked Questions

For Recruiters

1. What are Employee Referrals and how do they work?

Employee referral is a cost-effective way of finding the right talent through your employees’ network. Recruiters share open vacancies to their employees who in turn refer their contacts for these positions. Candidates referred by current employees are more likely to be aware about the organization’s culture. Also, research suggests that an employer is 7 times more* likely to hire a candidate coming through an employee referral than if the candidate applies through a non-referral route
*Source:, Sullivan associates, Career Xroads, Naukri Internal Research

2. What is Naukri’s new Referral Hiring Tool all about?

Naukri Referral solution is a simple, easy to use application to create, track and manage your Employee Referral Program. Recruiters can reach out to employee’s contacts and their social networks from a single interface

3. What are the salient features of Naukri Referral tool?

With Naukri Referral tool, a recruiter can

i. Seek referrals for jobs posted on Naukri

ii. Share multiple jobs in a single mailer to all your employees

iii. Customize referral mailer (e.g. by attaching company logo and choosing color scheme as per your company’s corporate branding policies)

iv. Import contacts from multiple sources including Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel Worksheets

v. Create and securely store contact lists specific to each sub-user

vi. Allow employees to share specific jobs to their contacts / social or professional networks and get referral applies to these jobs

vii. Track referral applies from an employee’s network along with the employee’s information needed. Referral responses are also available in Naukri Response Manager with an option to search and filter them

4. Why should I use Naukri Referral tool?

Naukri Referral tool might prove advantageous to your organization in any of the following scenarios:

If you have an employee referral program and are using Microsoft Excel worksheets and / or emails to track multiple stages in the referral program, we recommend you try out the Naukri Referral product

If your current referral product does not enable an easy application process for candidates within your employees’ social networks, you may want to consider Naukri Referral product

If your current referral product is very expensive to maintain, the FREE Naukri Referral product is just right for you

If you don’t have a referral program but are considering to start one, you may want to integrate your employee referral policy into your Naukri account. Besides, if you use the free Naukri Referral product you can save on costs incurred in separately buying or building a referral product

5. How will Naukri Referral tool ensure success of my referral program?

Success of a Referral program depends on several factors – a well-defined referral policy, an incentive system for employees to refer candidates, an easy way for employees to refer candidates and a seamless way of tracking referral candidates. While specifics of referral policy and incentive system are best decided by an organization, Naukri Referral product takes care of the two remaining important elements – an easy way for employees to refer candidates and a seamless way of tracking referrals.

6. What are the broad steps to recruit through Referral tool?

i. Create a referral program and specify the reward system for a successful referral
Getting started is free, quick and easy. Just reuse your existing job posting account on Naukri and set your reward

ii. Forward to your employees
Send referral mailer to your contacts (you can also choose to customize the email). Employees can share with their friends including those within their social networks

iii. Sit back and evaluate the referral applies
As referrals and applications flow in, you will be able to track who referred them. You can also filter referral applies in your response manager

7. How would I enter employee email IDs for sending referral mailers to them?

i. Employee email-ids can be imported from multiple sources, so you are not restricted to a few avenues to import contacts from

ii. LinkedIn and Microsoft Outlook contacts can be downloaded in to an excel sheet and then uploaded to the system

iii. Contacts in your Gmail and Yahoo email accounts can be imported in a single click

iv. Contacts can also be added through just an excel sheet (emails entered in one column or comma-separated emails in a single cell)

8. How can I track which employee referred a specific candidate?

Using Track Referral module, you can easily search and track referee details for a specific candidate

9. Do I need to import email-ids every time I send referral emails?

No, you can easily save contacts within the Naukri system and create your own customized lists for later use

10. What if the same jobseeker applies more than once through referral links shared by multiple employees?

Per our current policies, a jobseeker cannot apply to the same job twice using her Naukri profile for a period of 1 month. In case, a registered jobseeker applies for the same job posing as an unregistered applicant, the duplicate applies can be easily tracked by the date of apply and referral benefit can be given to the employee who referred the applicant first

11. Can I search for referral applies within my Naukri Response Manager (eApps or BRV)?

Yes, referral applies can be searched and filtered in eApps. Referral details are also available for each apply. In BRV also, referral applies can be distinguished easily from other applies

12. How many lists can I create and store in the system? Are the lists customizable ?

Each sub-user can create 10 lists in the system. Each list can store upto 1000 contacts each. Thus a sub-user can have 10,000 contacts stored in total.
Yes, all the contact lists are completely customizable. Contact lists can be modified and deleted. Email IDs can also be searched and deleted.

13. Is there a limit to the number of emails that can be sent to employees?

A maximum of 1000 emails can be sent in one instance. This process can be repeated as often as required. This way any number of emails can be sent to employees as required

14. Does that mean I cannot import more than 1000 emails into the system?

You can import upto 10,000 contacts in to the system as illustrated in Q12. While emails can be sent to only 1000 email IDs in one go, rest of the email IDs can be conveniently saved in the system itself and contacted afterwards

15. What if I enter an email ID multiple times while sending referral invitation?

Naukri system automatically removes duplicate email-ids while sending emails. So a mailer recipient will receive just one email, even if she is mentioned many times in the mailing list

16. Can I remove duplicate email IDs to whom that email has already been sent?

Naukri system allows you to removes those email IDs from the recipients list in case that email has
already been sent to them in the last 7 days

17. How long does the referral data remain available in the system?

Referral tracking data is available in your system for 1 year from the date of first referral for that job

18. Are my contact lists private?

Yes, all the contact lists created by a sub-user are completely secure and private. No other sub-user can see or modify these contact lists

19. Are my contact lists safe with Naukri?

Yes, all your contacts are completely safe with Naukri. Naukri will never contact or email your contacts without your prior permission

20. I have a recruitment management system which is used to collect all applies for my job vacancies. Naukri jobseekers are redirected to a landing page on the recruitment management system and the jobseekers apply from that page. Can I also benefit from Naukri Referral product?

Naukri Referral product uses the Naukri Apply process. Since your recruitment management system
has a different process of applying, Naukri Referral product will NOT enable tracking of employees who referred the candidates. You can still send jobs to employees who can share on their social networks. However, the tracking of applies by the referring employee will NOT be available

21. Social networks are blocked in my organization. How can I benefit from Naukri Referral product?

If the social networks are blocked on your organization’s network, you can promote employees to share jobs through their personal devices (like mobile phones)

21. Access to jobsites including is blocked for employees in my organization. Will the Naukri Referral feature still work?

In case website is blocked for employees in your company, they can still receive emails in their official mail inbox. Emails are sent from recruiter/HR email-id and
Naukri is not mentioned anywhere in the same. Employees can go ahead and share the jobs with their contacts and all the applies will come back to your Naukri response manager.
If you face any difficulty in receiving emails, please contact your Naukri account manager and we will suggest you a workaround for the same.

22. Can employees upload a CV/ resume of their friends for the job?

Currently NO. But going forward, we will enable an option for employees to upload a CV/resume (in next version of this product). CVs uploaded by your employees will also be tracked with reference to the employee and the job against which the CV was uploaded. Please contact your account manager to know when this feature will become available

23. I only want referral applies, I don’t want to receive applies from Naukri jobseekers who have not been referred to by my employees. Can Naukri Referral product enable that?

We understand that several organization first open a position for internal/employee referrals before allowing for external candidates to apply. Naukri team is working on enabling this feature in a later version. You will be able to post a private job which will NOT be visible in Naukri Job Search application or sent to jobseekers in Naukri Job Alerts. However, referral candidates from employees social networks will be able to view and apply to the job. Please contact your account manager to know when this feature will become available.

24. In case my employee shares the URL with her contacts separately, will the Referral tracking still work?

Yes, if your employee copies the URL from the referral mailer and shares it with her friends, Referral will still work and will be credited against her name.

25. How can my employee see the job details, in case Naukri jobsite is blocked in my company?

Referral mailer with multiple jobs to employees carries basic information like Job Title, Experience and location of the job.
In case, Naukri jobsite is blocked in your company, you can send out Referral mailers with single job. It details out the complete job description page in the mailer itself.

26. I feel uncomfortable in sharing link for job details posted on My employees could use this as an opportunity to go ahead and search jobs on Naukri.

Referral mailer has been designed to work like a communication between company’s HR and their employees. There is NO mention of “” anywhere in the mailer; even the mail is sent from HR’s email-id. Job posting link in the Referral mailer aims to only provide employees with the details about the job.
If jobsite access is as such available to employees, they can anyways go ahead and search for the job even without the Referral mailer.

For Employees

1. How do I benefit by sharing a job on a social network?

Every time you share a job, your contacts can see and apply through the shared link. In case, the position gets closed through your shared link you will be eligible for the referral benefit as decided by your organization’s HR policies

2. How will I get to know when one of my contact applies through my shared links?

Every week you will receive an email containing details of all candidates who have applied through any of the links you shared

3. Will I still get a referral benefit if a third or fourth level contact applies to the link I shared on my social network?

Even in cases where your shared link gets propagated by your contacts, you will get the credit for that referral because you initiated that link on to that network

4. What if the same jobseeker applies more than once through referral links shared by multiple employees?

Jobseekers cannot apply to the same job twice using their Naukri profile for a period of 1 month. In case, jobseeker applies using their unregistered profile also, the duplicate applies can be easily tracked using the date of apply and referral benefit can be given to the employee who referred first

5. In case i forward the email to my friends or share the URL with my contacts separately, will I still get a credit for that Referral?

Yes, if you copy the URL from the referral mailer and share it with your friends, Referral will still work and will be credited against your name.

Thanks and Regards
Ankur Agarwal
Naukri Product Team