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Feature updates in Talent Pulse

New features in Talent Pulse Expected CTC: Now it is easier to understand trends on expected CTC from your target candidates across skills, companies, industries, experience, and more. This will help you understand salary ranges and manage candidate expectations in a better way. And more such insights on Expected CTC 2. New Filter on Institutes: Users will be able to filter insights basis selected institutes (top 500 in order of candidate count). This is useful for clients who want to target only specific institutes like IITs, NITs etc.   3. Boolean... Read More

Introducing Recommendations in Resdex Folders

At Naukri, our efforts are focused on making hiring a simple and effective process for recruiters. Keeping their needs at the core, we have transformed Resdex into an intelligent, intuitive, and feature-rich platform to help you hire faster and effortlessly, thereby improving the hiring teams' overall productivity. One of the features you will find interesting is 'Recommendations in Resdex Folder' So, what is “Resdex Folders”? And how to add profiles to folders? While searching for candidates, a recruiter can opt to add candidates' profiles to a personal folder. It helps them... Read More

Introducing Resdex that’s simpler, more effective & intuitive

India’s largest resume database is now smarter, intuitive, and offers exciting new features to help you hire faster and effortlessly, thereby improving your and your team’s overall productivity. While the vastly improved UI is the major highlight of this new launch, you will also enjoy using new exciting features that allow you to hire with greater convenience & speed. What’s New? With the newly refreshed resdex, you get an intuitive interface that facilitates effortless hiring with greater efficiency. A few benefits that you will experience are: Efficient... Read More

TRAI compliant SMS Templates in Insta Recruit

To conform to the latest TRAI guidelines, Insta Recruit now allows you to only use pre-defined templates to trigger a SMS to the candidates. As part of the guidelines, you will not be able to enter any free text in the SMS. (more…)

Assess Candidates Better & Faster with Video Profiles in Resdex

Do you know you can now quickly find if a candidate is the right fit for a role without having to go through their entire CV or calling them for an interview? Naukri has recently launched a new feature for jobseekers that lets them record and upload a video profile in their account. You, as a recruiter can view their Video profile in Resdex and get an instant overall impression in just 2 minutes whether they are a good fit for the role before even contacting them for an interview. Embrace a New Way of Hiring For recruiters, it’s tougher than ever to find and retain... Read More

Introducing Mobile Branding Solutions

The latest addition to our Employer Branding Portfolio In today’s hyper-competitive global market, having a sterling employer brand can help you edge out competitors and attract top talent.  Whether it’s good work-life balance, job security or a pleasant work environment, it’s important for any employer to communicate these value propositions to potential candidates by creating a strong employer brand . However, despite the fact that more and more jobseekers now use mobile devices for job search, most recruiters still follow employer-branding strategies designed for desktop. In... Read More

Introducing Resdex Enterprise

Resdex Enterprise is a next generation talent-sourcing platform launched exclusively for our high value customers. The platform leverages advanced AI / ML to help recruiters find the right talent faster & powerful data analytics to derive useful insights from complex recruitment data for a smarter decision-making. It also offers a set of exclusive features that drive greater efficiency in the recruitment process.  Let’s know more about this platform 1. Advanced AI / ML Personalized Search: Our advanced AI/ML algorithms... Read More

New Information Widgets on MNR dashboard

Superusers of Naukri accounts who have not done any previous offline purchase (transactions through sales team)  now see new information widgets on MNR dashboard that help them during various stages of their journey - from buying a new Naukri product to using it. The widgets will now visible would be for below 4 use cases: New user logs in Whenever a user creates a new account and logs into the account, they will see 2 widgets where the details about job posting and Resdex will be present. User can check out more details by clicking on 'Know More' link which will take them to a... Read More

CV Update via Resdex Message

Recruiters can request jobseekers to share their updated resume in just a click through  Resdex message, thereby improving convenience and productivity.  Recruiter will now see a new option Request for updated CV on profiles that have not made any changes to their uploaded CV for atleast 1 year. Clicking on Request for updated CV will take the recruiter to the Resdex message window where a message requesting the candidate to send their updated CV is autopopulated in the message window. Recruiter can send the message in 1-click.

Schedule video interviews – Right from your Resdex dashboard

Video interviews are a fast growing service that many organizations are deploying to ensure that their critical positions are filled as fast as possible. Here are a few benefits of video interviews: Zero Cost Video interviewing through Google Meets / Hangout offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to face-to-face interviews during the initial screening process. It cuts heavily on travel costs. These cost savings get multiplied when international talent/interviewers are involved Faster Screening You can conduct live online video interviews immediately after shortlisting... Read More