Introducing Resdex that’s simpler, more effective & intuitive

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India’s largest resume database is now smarter, intuitive, and offers exciting new features to help you hire faster and effortlessly, thereby improving your and your team’s overall productivity. While the vastly improved UI is the major highlight of this new launch, you will also enjoy using new exciting features that allow you to hire with greater convenience & speed.

What’s New?

With the newly refreshed resdex, you get an intuitive interface that facilitates effortless hiring with greater efficiency. A few benefits that you will experience are:

  • Efficient Communication
    • Place calls to candidates with just a click from Resdex
    • Perform single-click actions like email, forward, chat etc. easily on profiles
  • Smarter Search
    • Get a clean & modern search form
    • Get visually enhanced experience filter
  • Simplified Hiring
    • Get a refreshed & intuitive interface that facilitates quick and effortless hiring
    • Save profiles you like at one place and work on them later as per your comfort

and more…

Let’s deep dive into all the new features that the refreshed resdex brings for you:

Place calls to candidates with just a click from Resdex

With the new “Call with a single click” feature available on Resdex, you won’t need to dial the job seeker’s number manually to contact them. All you need is the new Naukri recruiter app that auto-fills your dialer with the job seeker’s phone number when you tap on this feature, thereby improving productivity.

Perform quick actions on profiles

When you scroll through the search results page and come across good candidates, you can take quick actions such as forwarding details to a hiring manager, communicating with candidates, or adding them to folders in a single click.

Get a Clean and Modern Search Form

The refreshed resdex search form will make the search process more efficient and faster. A few fields are removed to make your search faster than before. Some other changes that were done are as given below-

  • With easily accessible Recent searches and Saved searches section, you will not have to fill the search details repeatedly as you can choose one of your previous searches to find similar candidates
  • Finding relevant talent has become quicker with the ‘must-have’ functionality. With a single click on the star icon against skills, you can let the system know what you are looking for instead of manually typing them in a separate field as done earlier.
  • Commonly used fields like Experience have also now been placed upfront to ensure easy usability of the product. Also the number of fields that you would have to fill for specifying salary details has been reduced to ensure a faster search process.
  • The diversity info now comes upfront for easy accessibility.

Get visually enhanced salary & experience filters

Now when you apply the Experience & Salary filters on the Search Results Page you can see in real-time the available candidate universe within a specified range and that too visually through a bar graph.

Save profiles you like at one place with Save for Later

There might be times when you are browsing through profiles for a particular requirement and you come across some interesting but due to some reason you couldn’t take action on them right there. Now you can add those profiles to a temporary folder called ‘Save for Later’. All of these profiles that are saved for later can also be accessed through the recruiter app, so that you can take actions on them while on the move.

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