Assess Candidates Better & Faster with Video Profiles in Resdex

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Do you know you can now quickly find if a candidate is the right fit for a role without having to go through their entire CV or calling them for an interview?

Naukri has recently launched a new feature for jobseekers that lets them record and upload a video profile in their account. You, as a recruiter can view their Video profile in Resdex and get an instant overall impression in just 2 minutes whether they are a good fit for the role before even contacting them for an interview.

Embrace a New Way of Hiring

For recruiters, it’s tougher than ever to find and retain quality talent. To deal with such challenges, one has to adopt innovative methods of hiring. This is why video resumes or video profiles is a welcome alternative to the traditional methods of CV screening since it combines both, the visual and audio components, providing an effective way to measure a candidate’s eligibility for a role.  The Video profiles in Resdex provide 3 clear cut advantages over traditional paper CV based screening:

Get a sense of candidate’s personality & motivation: Paper CVs have loads of information about the candidate’s experience, qualifications & achievements. However, it cannot give you visibility over the candidate’s personality & what they are actually looking for in their career. With a video profile, you get a more well-rounded human view of who they are & a first-hand glimpse of their confidence & aspirations.

Gauge candidates more effectively for client-facing roles: Video profiles would particularly be useful when you hire for customer-facing roles where soft skills like communication, presentation, personality, confidence, body language, etc. are highly important. With a video profile, you can tell easily whether the candidate will be suitable for roles like voice agents, trainers, customer care executives, tele-callers etc.

Save time & improve quality of hire: With video profiles you can tell right from the get-go whether the candidate has the soft-skills required for a client-facing role, saving tons of time in calling them for a face to face or video interview. Video profiles also allow you to learn whether a candidate’s personality aligns well with the role at an early stage of screening, saving time and enabling you to spend more time hiring the right candidates.

How does it work?

  • On the search result page, recruiters will now be able to see a video profile logo against the candidates who have uploaded a video profile. The video profile would be the default view while the profile picture can be viewed upon scrolling through the caraousel for these jobseekers.
  • On clicking the video profile logo, the recruiter will go to the CV Details page of the candidate. Similar to the SRP, recruiter can see the candidate’s Video Profile logo along with their profile picture in a carousel.
  • Clicking on the video profile logo will open an in-app window. Users can play, pause, drag, maximize, minimize and close the window.
  • If the candidate has uploaded a video profile, recruiters will also see a Video Profile widget just before the Attached CV section. Here the video can be played in the same size window.

It’s time to take a leap to new ways of hiring. Start using Video profiles today to screen candidates faster and effectively.