Feature updates in Talent Pulse

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New features in Talent Pulse

  1. Expected CTC:

Now it is easier to understand trends on expected CTC from your target candidates across skills, companies, industries, experience, and more. This will help you understand salary ranges and manage candidate expectations in a better way.

And more such insights on Expected CTC

2. New Filter on Institutes:

Users will be able to filter insights basis selected institutes (top 500 in order of candidate count). This is useful for clients who want to target only specific institutes like IITs, NITs etc.  

3. Boolean Search support in Talent Pulse

Allows users to leverage Boolean functionality in order to specify their search criteria with greater accuracy. Users will be able to broaden or limit their candidate pool by using operators like AND, OR and ( ) in their search queries. To leverage the potential of advanced search with Boolean, users will simply need to activate Boolean mode in the Modify Search option as shown below:

When Boolean Mode is active, User will have access to his/her most recently used Boolean queries (at most 3)Currently Boolean mode is only available in the Modify search, it will also be added to the home  page search soon

4. Search within results

Earlier users need to scroll through results and check individual line items to find a particular entity, which is highly cumbersome. Going forward, users will be able to search within results. The search is case sensitive and based on prefix matching logic.

5. Insights filtered by candidates’ last active time period

Users can now draw talent insights based on candidates active in the last 30/90/180/365 days. This feature will help users plan hiring in an effective and efficient manner. 

6. Reset Filter

This functionality will allow users to clear all applied filters with one click.

New features in Competitor Pulse

In competitor pulse, recruiters can see data of their own company and compare it with their competitors. While this worked well for large customers (due to the availability of data points), it did not work for small & medium enterprise customers (fewer data points at their end) and they weren’t able to view insights.

So for small and medium enterprise clients, we will now be showing just competitors’ data even if there is no data for comparison. This will allow small & medium companies to understand hiring strategies deployed by competition.

Do reach out to Piyush Garg or Arnab Pratap Lahiri in case of queries.