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Streamlining User Creation for a Seamless Experience

In our ongoing commitment to user convenience, we're simplifying the 'Add / Edit User' process. As part of this effort, we're bidding farewell to a few fields: Role in Hiring: Originally designed for RMS customers, this field differentiating between Recruiter and Hiring Manager will be unified, treating all as Recruiters. Reporting Manager: Initially an RMS feature, this field will be retired. Existing hierarchies will remain intact to ensure a smooth transition. Alias: Say hello to our new 'Name' field, enhancing personalization. Old Form New and Updated form These... Read More

Job Posting Form Improvements for Enhanced CV Matching

We're thrilled to introduce remarkable enhancements to our job posting forms, designed to elevate your CV matching experience. Reimagined Form Structure: Our job posting form has undergone a makeover to spotlight essential details. Notably, the job description field has found a slightly lower spot, while the company industry field now resides below the company name. This ensures uniformity in static information across jobs within the same company. Enhanced User Experience: We've revamped checkbox fields, transforming them into intuitive questions for improved usability. Fields like... Read More

Enhanced Mini-Tuples: Active Date and CV Attachment Information

We are excited to introduce a range of feature enhancements aimed at elevating your experience on our platform. These updates bring valuable insights and efficiency to your recruitment journey, enabling you to make more informed decisions and streamline your processes. What's New? "Similar Profiles" Section: On the CV Details page, a "Similar Profiles" section has been added. This allows you to quickly gauge the activity level and view CV attachments of similar profiles within specific time frames. This feature eliminates the need to open each profile individually, saving you time and... Read More

Displaying CTC Expectations on CV Details Page

In an era where efficient hiring is not just preferred but essential, understanding the salary expectations of potential candidates can be a game-changer. And that’s where our newest update comes in. What's the New Update? In a bid to make the recruitment process smoother and more transparent, there has been a significant change in the way CV details are presented. Now, on the CV details page, the CTC (Cost to Company) expectations of the candidates will be clearly visible, but only when we have valid and verified data. What's more, this expected CTC will be presented right next... Read More

Elevating Security and Experience: Introducing Mandatory Mobile Verification for New Subusers

We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our system, reinforcing security measures and elevating user experience reliability. This update introduces a mandatory mobile verification process for all new subusers, ensuring heightened protection for their Naukri accounts and securing access to our services. What is the update? New Subuser Verification: When new subusers log into their Naukri accounts, they will encounter a verification step post entering their credentials, applicable to both web and app logins. Verification Process: Users must provide their mobile... Read More

Introducing Enhanced Job Posting Form for Precise CV Matching

Our new and improved segmented job posting (JP) form is set to transform the way recruiters connect roles with CVs, enabling a more tailored and effective approach. What is the Update? We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of our revamped segmented JP form. This enhancement is designed to provide recruiters with a more streamlined and targeted job posting experience. Why is this Update Being Done? The primary objective of this update is to elevate the precision of CV matching. By capturing specific information aligned with different job roles, we aim to ensure that each job... Read More

Enhanced Superuser Subscriptions for Resdex Reports

In our constant effort to improve user experience and provide valuable and timely insights to our Superusers, we are excited to announce a significant update to the Resdex Report subscription service. Superusers now have the option to subscribe to daily reports for 'Resdex Database Usage' and 'User Login' data. Previously, Superusers could only subscribe to weekly and monthly reports. Below are the major highlights of this update: 1. Daily Subscription Option Superusers can now choose to receive daily reports for 'Resdex Database Usage' and 'User Login' data. This new... Read More

Unlocking Deeper Insights: Introducing Enhanced CV Preview

We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our CV Preview feature that will undoubtedly elevate your candidate evaluation process. With the goal of providing you with a more comprehensive understanding of candidates' profiles, we've incorporated two essential fields into the CV Preview. What is the Update? Internship Information: Dive into candidates' internship details seamlessly as they're now displayed within the work timeline and the work experience sections. This addition lets you explore candidates' hands-on experiences effectively.In the work timeline: In the... Read More

Introducing Similar CV Recommendations

We're thrilled to introduce our latest update, designed to transform how you discover potential candidates. When you review three or more CVs, our system strategically presents relevant CV recommendations, seamlessly integrating them into your workflow. This means top-quality candidate profiles appear immediately after your recent actions, optimizing your process and simplifying candidate exploration. By offering recommendations based on multiple CV views, we ensure you have access to the best candidates, not just recommendations for a single CV. Placing CV suggestions after viewing... Read More

Enhancing Resdex Comments: A Productivity Boost for Recruiters

We are excited to announce upcoming changes in the Resdex comments functionality, aimed at empowering recruiters with enhanced productivity tools. These improvements are designed to streamline the process of entering and retrieving structured information, providing recruiters with valuable insights for better decision-making. Let's delve into the new features and benefits that this update will bring. What is the Update? The Resdex comments functionality is undergoing significant enhancements to provide recruiters with a more structured and efficient commenting experience. With the... Read More