Introducing Enhanced Job Posting Form for Precise CV Matching

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Our new and improved segmented job posting (JP) form is set to transform the way recruiters connect roles with CVs, enabling a more tailored and effective approach.

What is the Update? We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of our revamped segmented JP form. This enhancement is designed to provide recruiters with a more streamlined and targeted job posting experience.

Why is this Update Being Done? The primary objective of this update is to elevate the precision of CV matching. By capturing specific information aligned with different job roles, we aim to ensure that each job posting resonates with the required qualifications. This update caters to the diverse needs of roles, from industry experiences for sales positions to certifications like CA and ICFA for finance roles.

Experience the Power of Change: Here’s a glimpse of the improvements we’ve introduced:

  1. Re-ordered Fields: We’ve strategically reorganized the job posting form to prioritize critical details. The job description field now finds its place slightly further down the form for enhanced contextual flow. Notably, for consultants, the Company Industry field retains its position, while for others, it elegantly moves beneath the Company Name.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: Checkbox-based fields have transformed into engaging question-based formats, fostering greater user engagement. Fields such as Number of Vacancies, Diversity Hiring, and Walk-in Section now offer a more interactive experience.
  3. Insightful Labels: The Preferred Industry field has evolved into the Candidate Industry, offering deeper insights into candidate preferences, enriching your decision-making process.
  4. Skill Input Optimization: To ensure critical skills are highlighted, the Skills field no longer features auto-suggestions. Users are prompted to input skills after specifying the job title, enhancing the relevance of candidate matches.
  5. Location Precision: The refinement of job locations from 9 to 3 enhances the job seeker experience. This change optimizes the match by maintaining the same quota deduction logic of 1 quota for a set of 3 locations.
  6. Unified Role Identification: Department and role categories now merge into a single field, making role discovery smoother for recruiters. The suggestions are now tailored based on job title and skills mentioned.
  7. Role Customization: The Role field appears when department and role categories are insufficient for precise CV matching, ensuring each role is accurately represented.
  8. Sales Role Enhancement: Particularly for sales positions, the Preferred Candidate Industry field becomes mandatory, while remaining optional for other roles.

Who Gets Impacted? These dynamic enhancements are applicable to both online and offline job posting forms, exclusively catering to hot vacancy job postings.