Introducing Mobile Branding Solutions

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The latest addition to our Employer Branding Portfolio

In today’s hyper-competitive global market, having a sterling employer brand can help you edge out competitors and attract top talent.  Whether it’s good work-life balance, job security or a pleasant work environment, it’s important for any employer to communicate these value propositions to potential candidates by creating a strong employer brand . However, despite the fact that more and more jobseekers now use mobile devices for job search, most recruiters still follow employer-branding strategies designed for desktop. In failing to address this growing segment of mobile-savvy jobseekers, recruiters may lose opportunities to capture a lot of top quality talent. This is why a mobile-first approach is the need of the hour for a winning employer branding strategy.

Why Naukri Mobile branding solutions ?

With close to 11 lac fresh mobile app downloads every month, Naukri gives you a compelling opportunity to leverage its mobile app platform for reaching out to the previously untapped pool of potential candidates.

Being the pioneers in the job search industry, Naukri decided to bring new age mobile branding solutions that will not only help your brand gain maximum visibility but also build unmatched credibility amongst the top talent in the market. Our mobile branding solutions will help you build a powerful employer brand to attract, engage and retain the best people your industry.

Let’s know more about these solutions

Company Page : Now give potential candidates an immersive experience of your entire brand journey on a single page. Shape up jobseekers’ opinion of your brand and build credibilty amongst them through featured reviews, ratings, employee speak, leadership message etc. Generate buzz around the brand by sharing the innovations & unique initiatives being practiced at the company.

Targeted Ads : Maximize your brand’s visibility and awareness among the desired talent pool on Naukri through targeted ad campaigns displayed on the most visited pages of the mobile app platform.

Performance Reports : Track the key metrics associated with your employer branding campaigns to assess the overall campaign performance and improve the same.

Let’s deep dive and see how do these work

Establish your reputation with Branded Company Page

Company Page is the perfect place for you to demonstrate what’s great about your organization, showcase your achievments and tell your organization’s story using rich audio visual elements. It’s the place where you can showcase your company’s unique value proposition with authenticity to evoke emotions in the potential candidates and win them as followers of your brand.

Your can also make your brand trustworthy by highlighting your company culture, work environment, perks & benefits through featured employee reviews. All of this will help you position yourself as an employer of choice for job seekers.

The company branded page allows you to :

    1. Tell your brand story :

  • Share your organization’s history, businesses and other key information in About Us
  • Share what does the organization stand for in Mission, Vision & Values
  • Share the USPs that your organization is mainly known for in Key Highlights
  • Let your employees be your brand advocates through ‘Featured reviews’
  • Add any other custom content such as Core Pillars & Values, Funding, Brand or Clients to complete your story

      2. Share your unique value proposition 

  • Let the leadership directly communicate the company’s vision, mission and message with potential candidates and explain what it is like to work for the enterprise through an AV or visual in “Message by our Leaders”
  • Give a sneak peek of the workplace & work culture through ‘A day in life of employees’ . Highlight the perks & benefits of working in the organization through ‘Company Verified Benefits’
  • Show your company’s key achievments through ‘Awards & Achievments’
  • Add any other custom content to enhance your messaging and make you stand out from others

         3. Advertise the latest openings in your organization

The Branded Company Page would be discoverable through Job description pages, Job listing pages, Ad inventories and Mailers to candidates. These pages will be designed basis predefined templates.

Enhance Brand Visibility with Targeted Ads

With a majority of jobseekers on Naukri now using the mobile app for job search, it’s imperative for organizations to utilize this previously untapped channel for its immense potential and unmatched reach. The new dynamic, targeted ad campaigns are designed precisely to do that.

These ad campaigns allow you to use specific triggers that appeal to your desired talent groups to not only improve brand awareness & engagement by increasing the number of followers, but also improve the number and quality of applies on job posted.  These ads will show up on different job listing pages across the Naukri app (recommended jobs, search pages etc) and are currently targetable basis functions/ departments namely –

  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Marketing / Sales / Customer Service
  • Production / Operation / Supply Chain
  • Corporate (HR, Admin, Legal, Strategy)

Depending on your objective, you can subscribe to any of the two types of Branded Company Ads:

  • Collection Ads
  • Exclusive Ads

Collection Ads

Collection Ads allow you to convey a crisp and precise message to all your potential employees and promote your brand through an ad slot in the carousel on the mobile app platform.

These ads are ideal for companies who want to maximize awareness across segments and run long term campaigns. Collection Ads have predefined template structure and the messaging has a 100 character limit. The Collection ad would cost 1 credit per impression. This credit would be consumed only when your ad tile is completely visible on the screen. Also, clicking on the ads would take the jobseekers to your company branded page.

Exclusive Ads

Exclusive Ads help you demonstrate your employer value proposition more effectively as you get more screenshare and no competitor ads appear alongside yours. These ads with their ability to tell complete brand story in a single view, provide you with an opportunity to outshine your competitors in the candidate first marketplace and attract top talent easily. The exclusive ads are highly customizable as you can provide custom messaging with custom labels on every tile of the ad, right from company culture to vision, mission and values. Similar to the collection ads, clicking on the exclusive ads would take the jobseekers to the company branded page.

These ads are ideal for companies that are focused on awareness for niche /emerging segments and want to run short term campaigns. The exclusive ads would cost 3 credit per impression.

Improve your Employer Branding campaigns with Performance Reports

Performance report will help you evaluate the impact of your employer branding campaigns. These reports will allow you to track the monthly performance of all running employer branding campaigns as well as each campaign separately by measuring key metrics.

Key performance metrics tracked are:

  • Impressions earned on Ads & Company Page
  • Engagement (No. of clicks in the selected duration/campaign
  • Company Page views (No. of users who visited the page)
  • Followers Acquired (No. of users followed the page)
  • Credits utilised

The data provided by the reports can be analysed to derive insights and find what’s working and what’s not in order to make changes and improve the performance of the campaigns.

Now give strength and credibility to your employer brand and make it more attractive for today’s mobile-savvy jobseeker by using our unified mobile branding solutions.