Now manage folders with ease

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Recruiter productivity is the most under-rated game changer when we think of making the hiring process better both in terms of quality and efficiency. Hence, it has been an area of major focus for us. As part of this series of updates, we have updated the Manage Folder Page on our platform. The updated ‘Manage Folder’ page is even more dynamic and comes packed with powerful features.

  1. The folders can now be filtered as per date of creation
  2. You can share folders with specific teammates now
  3. The name of the folders are editable
  4. Recently shared folder can now be highlighted
  5. Additionally, Resdex Enterprise users will also get AI/ML enabled candidate recommendations upfront

Let’s see how it works!

The new UI of the page will help you navigate easily

Filter easily as per date range

Share folders with specific teammates effortlessly 

And many more…

Check out this update and do let us know your feedback at