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Securing your Naukri account against unauthorized CV Download

In continuation of our efforts to improve security for client accounts/data and curb unauthorized access/hacking, we are adding a layer of security over client quota utilization. Quota mis-utilization cases are increasing due to hackers using advanced and complex phishing techniques. Such episodes result in huge losses both for the clients as well as Naukri. To safeguard client account, we are rolling out a new security feature, authorization code prompt in case of high quota utilization. Details below - In case a user bulk- downloads CVs from Resdex in Excel format or does... Read More

Secure sub user login with unique and verified email ID

All old Naukri sub users need to be migrated to unique and verified email ID. This is to ensure that each recruiter account offered by Naukri is uniquely identifiable and verified. This will also prevent unauthorized access in the user accounts, as OTP for verifying suspicious Login can be sent on verified email IDs. If your login ID is already a valid email address, then please ensure that your email ID verified. Read steps to ensure your email ID is verified. This policy is mandatory. There are 2 options for updating sub username:- 1. Online option Sub user will be... Read More

Mobile number verification for sub users

How to  add and Verify Mobile number in your Naukri Recruitment SolutionsAccount You can now add your mobile number in your Naukri account. The mobile number will need to be verified via a One Time Password. How will it help ? Once OTP based Login is enabled for your account – You may be prompted for additional OTP when you enter username and password to login to your Naukri.com recruiter account OTP will be sent on verified Email Id. If verified mobile number exists, OTP will be sent via SMS on your mobile as well If you are a super user, you can add / change the... Read More

Keeping your Naukri Recruiter account safe

Dear Recruiters, Your Naukri recruiter account gives you access to valuable resources such as the Jobseeker Database (Resdex), Job postings and other Naukri.com products that you have purchased. So it is extremely important for you to be careful about phishing and scamming emails that are designed to steal your recruiter login and password. The only way to safeguard yourself is to be aware of such threats and follow the best practices as outlined below. 1. Never enter your Naukri.com recruiter account password after clicking on a link sent in an email or present on another website or in... Read More

Password Change Policy

Dear Patron, Greetings from Naukri.com! In an effort to enhance security of your account with our website, we have drafted the following norms regarding a frequent change of password. You will have to change your password compulsorily every 30 calendar days. You will be intimated 2 days before your password expires. On login after the 30th day from your previous change of password, you will be taken to the "Change Password" screen. The New password cannot be the same as the immediate previous password. The password cannot be the same as your User ID. Your password must... Read More

Impt.: Security Measures by Naukri.com

Naukri.com has introduced a suite of measures to make your usage of Naukri's Recruitment Solutions safer, and more secure. In the First phase, for a secured login, we have moved the login pages of the recruitment section from HTTP protocol to HTTPS protocol. Now, in the Second phase, we will be making some changes in the modules related to your PASSWORDS. These changes are being done as per security standards and will dissuade any security breach. For instance, we will now be storing your passwords in encrypted formats and, thus, decrypting them as text will not be possible at all.... Read More