Password Change Policy

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Dear Patron,

Greetings from!

In an effort to enhance security of your account with our website, we have drafted the following norms regarding a frequent change of password.

  • You will have to change your password compulsorily every 30 calendar days.
  • You will be intimated 2 days before your password expires.
  • On login after the 30th day from your previous change of password, you will be taken to the “Change Password” screen.
  • The New password cannot be the same as the immediate previous password.
  • The password cannot be the same as your User ID.
  • Your password must have minimum 6 characters

To change your password, log in to your account and use the ‘Change Password’ page in the Administration Section.

In case you forget your Password, you generate a new password online using the ‘Forgot Password’ link. has implemented the above password policy with effect from July 13, 2009. Hence, the password changes would be enforced 12th Aug onwards.

The policy is applicable to all the users (super and subusers) of and is for the security of your accounts. We would appreciate your cooperation in our endeavor. Please write to, for any queries or clarifications.

The team