Securing your Naukri account against unauthorized CV Download

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In continuation of our efforts to improve security for client accounts/data and curb unauthorized access/hacking, we are adding a layer of security over client quota utilization.

Quota mis-utilization cases are increasing due to hackers using advanced and complex phishing techniques. Such episodes result in huge losses both for the clients as well as Naukri.

To safeguard client account, we are rolling out a new security feature, authorization code prompt in case of high quota utilization.

Details below –

  • In case a user bulk- downloads CVs from Resdex in Excel format or does bulk-movement to CSM and system detects unusual download/movement,
    then the user will be prompted to enter a one-time Authorization Code.
  • A six digit authorization Code is sent to the user on her email id and also mobile number (if mobile is verified)
  • User can use the same to continue with the CV Download.
  • The user will be prompted to enter the authorization code when system detects unusual activity or user tries to download a heavy number of CVs.
  • The system is  designed to not prompt authorization code at every instance and hence should not hinder normal activity .

This feature will help protect against heavy quota utilization even in those cases where Naukri credentials are compromised.

Since the authorization code is being sent to client’s verified email/Mobile number, only client will have access to the same.

The Prompt Layer


~Happy Recruiting

Naukri Product Team