Secure sub user login with unique and verified email ID

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All old Naukri sub users need to be migrated to unique and verified email ID.

This is to ensure that each recruiter account offered by Naukri is uniquely identifiable and verified.
This will also prevent unauthorized access in the user accounts, as OTP for verifying suspicious Login can be sent on verified email IDs.

If your login ID is already a valid email address, then please ensure that your email ID verified. Read steps to ensure your email ID is verified.

This policy is mandatory.

There are 2 options for updating sub username:-

1. Online option
Sub user will be prompted to provide and verify a unique email ID.
Super user will need to approve the verified email ID to be changed for the sub user account.

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2. Assisted option
For changing large number of sub user names at once, super user can download a list of existing sub usernames.
Super user needs to send the updated usernames.
The list of new usernames will be validated before getting updated in the system.
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Learn more about OTP based security.

Learn how to ensure that your login email iD is verified.

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