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Top reasons why recruiters add photo to their NaukriRecruiter profiles

80000+ recruiters have displayed their photo on their NaukriRecruiter profiles. we conducted a survey to find out why recruiters add their profiles. Here are top reasons why recruiters add their photo on their profile:- Regards, Vridhi Chowdhry Naukri Product Team

New Resdex Features

[embed]http://[/embed] The above slides list few of the most important features of the New Resdex user-interface. In case of any queries, please reach out to

NaukriRecruiter 3.0 – Give an identity to your search for talent


7 effective ways to improve responses to Quick-Jobs

1.  Write a concise and clear Job Title Job title should contain designation, department, industry/sector of the job opening, for example: Senior Expert - Web Engineering (Server Architect) GM/VP/AVP - FINANCE ARD Scientist with US MNC Pharma, Mumbai Practice Leader (Embedded/ CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM) - Global Engineering Services Manager- export market sales-- Middle east, Africa, Turkey, ASEAN countries 2.  Write a complete Job Description More details in job description help job-seekers match their interests and qualifications to the job more easily, which means more... Read More

Top 10 Tips to Get the best out of Naukri’s Referral Tool !

Hiring is going Social. Are you in? More and more companies are opting to hire socially through their employees. It enables them to reach out to a much larger audience while empowering the employees to recommend their friends. Naukri Referral Tool allows you to invite Referrals from employees through their social networks. Read about The Amazing new Naukri Referral Tool ! Just having a Referral program in place and using Referral management tool will not guarantee good quality conversions. It will still require that your Referral hiring process follows some basic... Read More

Automatic Shortlisting – makes recruitment even easier!!

Combining the power of Resdex and Job Posting for recruitment As a recruiter, you can Send a Job as Email ( to over 2000 jobseekers in one go (and more in the sets of up to 2000). After posting a job on Naukri, you can search the most relevant candidates in Resdex and send them the job. Send a Job as Email thus combines the power of Job Posting and Resdex, and helps in closing the positions at the earliest. Searching and shortlisting of relevant candidates from Resdex may require significant amount of time and effort. Now, Naukri can also help in... Read More

FAQ – Personalized Application Filters

1. What are 'Personalized Application Filters' in Job Posting ? At times, shortlisting the right candidates becomes tedious for Recruiters because: Some of the Responses may not match the requirement(s) for the posted job. Too many Responses may lead to recruiter missing out on relevant candidates. Recruiters can now apply 'Personalized Application Filters' to their Job Posting(s). Only those Responses that match these filters will be sent on Recruiter's email id(s) and marked as 'Matched applications' in Online Response Manager. 2. How will Application Filters... Read More

Recruiter Blogs: What all is there?

There are blogs written by recruiters of course but which ones do you look at and how do you find one from your favorite company? This post would try and answer these questions. The Homepage of the Recruiter Blogs ( has 3 sections, namely: Blogs Gallery, Featured Blogs and Recent Posts. The names of these sections are self-explanatory but I'd still detail them out for you. 1) Blogs Gallery: This section has links to all blogs (ever written) by recruiters of few companies that are using online recruitment (Naukri) and have chosen to use the blogs as a... Read More

Recruiter Blogs: Introduction

Technically, a Blog is a User generated website where entries are made in journal style & displayed in reverse chronological order. In simple terms, a Blog is a platform for public expression of ideas, experiences, opinions, etc. The visitors to the Blog can read the Entries & can comment on them. In this age where organisations compete amongst themselves for attracting the right talent, new age information and communication tools like Blogs hold a lot of promise for HR managers. Blogging can help you to market your organization at a low cost, while also reflecting its... Read More