7 effective ways to improve responses to Quick-Jobs

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1.  Write a concise and clear Job Title Quick-Job title

Job title should contain designation, department, industry/sector of the job opening, for example:

  • Senior Expert – Web Engineering (Server Architect)
  • ARD Scientist with US MNC Pharma, Mumbai
  • Practice Leader (Embedded/ CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM) – Global Engineering Services
  • Manager- export market sales– Middle east, Africa, Turkey, ASEAN countries

2.  Write a complete Job Description

More details in job description help job-seekers match their interests and qualifications to the job more easily, which means more relevant applications for you!Quick-Job Description

3.  Add relevant Keywords/TagsKeywords

Commonly used words relevant to the job role, designation, skills and qualifications should be used as tags.

4.  Mention Work experience rangeExperience

The experience range you mention here will be displayed along with the job title as shown below. Applications not matching this range will not be mailed to you.

5.  Improve visibility of your Quick-job on NaukriRecruiter

10 additional followers can bring you 1 additional application. You should complete and update your profile information to help job-seekers find and follow you easily.

In addition, uploading your photograph can enhance credibility of your profile and increase responses to your Quick-Jobs by 4 times.

6.  Share your Quick-job on social networks

Click on the share link shown below and login to your network account .Quick-job on public profile of recruiter

Write your message and select target audience for sharing.Share Quick-Job on Facebook

7.  Refresh your Quick-job if you are still hiring

80% of applications are received on Quick-jobs that were posted less than 15 days ago. When you refresh a position, an update is sent to your followers and relevant job-seekers, which will bring you more responses.