How to copy Google URL of your venue in Walkin Email?

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The new Resdex Create Email Page allows recruiters to send Walkin Emails to job-seekers. In these walkin Emails, the recruiters have the option to send the Google Map link of the venue. With the help of these links, the job-seeker can easily view the location of the Walkin venue on their devices.

Please follow the following steps to share the location of your Walkin Venue in the Email.

Step – 1

In the Create Email Page, toggle “This mail is for walkin interview” to  Yes

Step 1

Step – 2

Fill in the additional  mandatory fields for Walkin Email – Start Date, Duration, Daily TIming, Venue

Step 2

Step – 3

After filling the Venue, click on “Paste URL from Google Maps”

On clicking the above link, a new tab will open with your venue being located in the Google Map.

Step 3

In case your venue is not found or you get multiple locations in the map for your venue, then manually search your location on Google Map.

Step – 4

Click on the Share Icon  Share

Step – 5

On clicking the Share Icon, a layer opens up which shows the link of the location. Copy that URL.

Step 5

Alternatively, you may also copy the short URL by checking the checkbox “Short URL”

Step 5b

Step – 6

Go back  to the Create Email Page and paste the URL in the text box below the venue field with the help-text “Google Map URL of Venue”

Step 6

Once you have attached a Google URL to a venue and send that Walkin RMJ successfully, then the Google URL is automatically attached with that venue for future use.