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Improved Show-Hide Filters in Resdex to improve Recruiter Productivity!!

  We have gone live with the following enhancement in Resdex which addresses one of the long standing issues for the recruiters – they had to apply Show-Hide filters in each search result page separately Before: Show-Hide Filters in the SRP were applied for the current search page only. If the recruiter moved from one page to next, then the filters were reset and the user had to apply the filters again. Now: Show Hide Filters in the SRP will be applied for all the search result pages. A message is also shown to the recruiter as shown below. If the... Read More

How to copy Google URL of your venue in Walkin Email?

The new Resdex Create Email Page allows recruiters to send Walkin Emails to job-seekers. In these walkin Emails, the recruiters have the option to send the Google Map link of the venue. With the help of these links, the job-seeker can easily view the location of the Walkin venue on their devices. Please follow the following steps to share the location of your Walkin Venue in the Email. Step - 1 In the Create Email Page, toggle "This mail is for walkin interview" to  Yes Step - 2 Fill in the additional  mandatory fields for Walkin Email - Start Date, Duration, Daily... Read More

New Resdex Features

[embed]http://http://www.slideshare.net/adityashaw1/new-resdex-features[/embed] The above slides list few of the most important features of the New Resdex user-interface. In case of any queries, please reach out to support@naukri.com

Recruiter Blogs: What all is there?

There are blogs written by recruiters of course but which ones do you look at and how do you find one from your favorite company? This post would try and answer these questions. The Homepage of the Recruiter Blogs (http://recruiterblogs.naukri.com/) has 3 sections, namely: Blogs Gallery, Featured Blogs and Recent Posts. The names of these sections are self-explanatory but I'd still detail them out for you. 1) Blogs Gallery: This section has links to all blogs (ever written) by recruiters of few companies that are using online recruitment (Naukri) and have chosen to use the blogs as a... Read More

Recruiter Blogs: Introduction

Technically, a Blog is a User generated website where entries are made in journal style & displayed in reverse chronological order. In simple terms, a Blog is a platform for public expression of ideas, experiences, opinions, etc. The visitors to the Blog can read the Entries & can comment on them. In this age where organisations compete amongst themselves for attracting the right talent, new age information and communication tools like Blogs hold a lot of promise for HR managers. Blogging can help you to market your organization at a low cost, while also reflecting its... Read More