Recruiter Blogs: What all is there?

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There are blogs written by recruiters of course but which ones do you look at and how do you find one from your favorite company?

This post would try and answer these questions. The Homepage of the Recruiter Blogs ( has 3 sections, namely: Blogs Gallery, Featured Blogs and Recent Posts. The names of these sections are self-explanatory but I’d still detail them out for you.

1) Blogs Gallery: This section has links to all blogs (ever written) by recruiters of few companies that are using online recruitment (Naukri) and have chosen to use the blogs as a communication medium.
To find the company of your choice, you could choose to sort this list alphabetically or in the order of freshness (New & updated blogs first).

2) Featured Blogs: This section has the top 9 blogs from the entire Blogs Gallery on Recruiter Blogs. Few companies write really well & regularly to attract more jobseekers. This section helps them gain more visibility on the homepage.

3) Recent Posts: This is the section for the updates on the Recruiter Blogs. This section displays the last 5 recent posts that are published by any company / consultant. This is helpful for the jobseekers who are regular visitors to the blogs and wants to keep them updated of what’s going on Recruiters’ Blogosphere.

Write well and write more.
Happy blogging!