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Frequently asked questions – Naukri Featured Listing ( NFL )


  1. The presentation says, 95-98% of the Searches are made only on Keyword and rest 2-5% Searches are made on Keyword and Location combination. Does this mean that Feature Listing will appear for only 2-5% of the cases?

Feature Listing works on Keyword and Location combination. This means that if a client has booked a job as feature listing using Keyword “sales” and Location “Delhi”, Feature listing would appear to users searching with (1) “Sales” as a keyword and “Delhi” as location; (2) “Sales” as a keyword search only and no location. PAN India is taken as default location.

The feature listing would not appear if the user makes a search using “Sales” keyword and “Pune” Location, because the client has not booked a feature listing using “Sales” and “Pune” combination.

  1. Is there any limitation on Keyword being used for booking a Feature Listing?

No, there is no limitation. Client can use multiple combinations of keyword-location combination.

  1. What does Bidding mean?

Bidding means a Client can have the liberty to bid more on a keyword/location combination, hence increasing the exposure on the site and getting better chances of getting featured.

  1. What is meant by Maximum Bid?

Maximum bid means the maximum client bids that can be made on a Keyword. Maximum bids for a keyword are determined basis the number of searches happening on them. Once the maximum limit is crossed or reached by a client, the Keyword is no longer available for other clients for that duration.

  1. What is the benefit of having higher bid?

Higher bids means increasing the search share and having more visibility on the site.

  1. What is the duration of Feature listing?

Feature Listing is available for 1 week. However, if the client wants, can increase it to max 4 weeks in a continuation.

  1. What is meant by High and Low competition?

Low competition means lesser number of clients have bid on the keyword.
High competition means more number of clients have bid on the keyword.

  1. What does green and red arrow indicate?

Green arrow means the demand is low for the keyword. (Low competition).
Red arrow means the demand is high for the keyword. (High competition).

  1. Is the data shown on the keyword analysis graph on booking engine real time data?

Yes, the data shown is the real time data.

  1. Can a client add Keywords and Location in the booking engine besides the ones suggested?

No, the client cannot add keywords and location manually on the booking engine. Keywords and locations have to be mention while creating a job on the job posting form.

  1. Can a client pre book a Feature Listing?

No, a client cannot pre book any job as feature listing. It comes with a Hot vacancy and is available only with live Hot vacancy.

  1. Can one keyword and multiple locations be booked as a combination?

Yes, but it will cost to more credit consumption.

Example – Keyword “Sales “ and Location “Delhi” = 1 credit
Keyword “Sales” and Location “Delhi” and “Pune” = 2 credits

  1. Can Keyword/Location be removed from the set created in the booking engine?

Yes, but once the feature listing is saved, no changes can be made.

  1. Once a Feature Listing is made, can any changes be made post that?

Selected keyword-location pairs cannot be removed, however, the client can add more locations and keywords.

  1. How is Naukri Feature Listing different from normal Job posting?
  • Any Job posting marked as Naukri Feature listing will appear on top 1 and 2 positions on Desktop site and on top 1 position on Mobile site and App.
  • The featured job will be highlighted with light blue background color.
  1. Is it compulsory to select one keyword and location combination?

Yes, it is mandatory.

  1. Is this available only with Hot vacancy?


  1. Can a client block position 1 or 2 on the Search Page?

No, client cannot block any position. System will automatically decide the position and will show the featured listing.

  1. Is it possible for a client to get guaranteed placement for a keyword-location pair?

Yes, this can be done if a) the client is the only bidder on the keyword and if b) client consumes all the bids available for that keyword.

  1. Can a client upgrade to Feature listing after the job has been posted?

Yes, “upgrade to featured” is shown after posting a job provided the client have at least 1 active NFL credit in his account.

  1. What happens when a client edits the hot vacancy and removes/adds any keyword/location? Will the NFL be still active?

Client will be shown a warning stating that removing any keyword/location will affect NFL. If he removes any keyword/location on which NFL is booked, NFL will be removed.

However, if a client adds keywords/location in job posting, same would be available in the NFL booking engine.

  1. Is there any way to roll back credits to client’ account?

No, once the credits are consumed or deduction from his account, there is no rolling back of credits

  1. Who will have the access of NFL booking engine and reporting tool?

Currently, it is available for all users including super user and sub user.

  1. If a client already has Hot vacancy, can NFL be sold as a standalone product?

No, as of now, NFL comes with a Hot vacancy. It cannot be sold as a standalone product.

  1. Does the reporting tool displays impressions, JD views and Applies for all job posting?

No, the Reporting tool here is only available for NFL. It only displays impressions, JD views and Applies for the job marked as feature listing. Rest all will be available in Manage Jobs and Responses section. However, in the consolidated graph (the first graph,) data of all jobs posted is displayed.

  1. What is meant by Green dot and Blue dot on the graph in the reporting tool?

Green dot signifies that on that particular day, at least one of the NFL was present.
Blue dot signifies that on that particular day no NFL was present.

  1. What will happen if the end date of job is lesser than end date of NFL?

We will show a warning in all such cases on the NFL booking engine page (when client tries to save the settings). The client will have the option to refresh the job or ignore the warning and proceed with booking. In the latter case NFL will expire with job.

  1. How many times a featured listing will be shown to a user?

There is a frequency cap of 3 impressions per 7 days.

  1. Can NFLs be bought online?

Currently NFL sale can happen offline only.

For any queries, mail us at NFLsupport@naukri.com

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