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Walk-through : Advanced Search in eApps

Advanced eApps Search Demo from Nilotpal Paul

Walk-through : Basic Search in eApps

Basic eApps Search Demo from Nilotpal Paul

Custom Questions with Job Posting

Naukri's eApps (Online Response manager) provides a unique way for recruiters to ask jobseekers if they match the basic job requirements. This is a novel way of giving controlling power to you, i.e, the Recruiter. How this works? Recruiters can add questions to their job postings and make them mandatory for apply. A jobseeker applying to your job must respond to these questions for her apply to be complete. These questions interrupt jobseekers during apply, asking them to respond to your critical requirements. Demo 1: How to add custom questions (questionnaire) to your job... Read More

Walk-through : Filtering Relevant Candidates using Questionnaire Response

eApps : Filtering Candidates using Questionnaire Response from Nilotpal Paul

Walk-through : Questionnaire in Job Posting

Recruiters can ask questions to check if applicants (to their job) match their requirements. These questions can be attached while posting the Job. eApps Questionnaire demo from Nilotpal Paul

How to use eApps to manage responses to Job Postings

How to use e apps response manager to make from Nilotpal Paul

Experience the power of Employee Referrals – Search through the attached Referral CVs

In most companies, Employee Referrals either already contribute a dominant percentage of hiring or is emerging as a new, dependable source of hiring. The current process however, is set up on a email based flow. This means that employees forward these CVs on email to recruiter or upload it on company site which is again sent to the recruiter on email. Although the system ensures a lot of CVs, the recruiter handling employee referrals ends up manually going through each CV to find the relevant lot. With Naukri Referral Tool we have tried to make this task easier and simpler for you. You... Read More

How to access, search and follow NaukriRecruiter Profiles?

The NaukriRecruiter profiles can be accessed in the following ways: a) Home Page Navigation Panel [caption id="attachment_4653" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption=" Home Page"][/caption] b) My Naukri Left Navigation Panel in the section "Recruiters on Naukri" [caption id="attachment_4655" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="My Naukri Page - Link to NaukriRecruiter Search Page"][/caption] Once you are on the NaukriRecruiter Profiles page, you can search for recruiters based on KEYWORDS & LOCATION. In keywords you can mention the industries and... Read More

How to access recruiter updates?

a)  The recruiter updates will be available on your My Naukri Page. [caption id="attachment_4663" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="My Naukri Recruiter Updates"][/caption] b) Recruiter updates can also be accessed from the "Recruiter Updates" Link under "Recruiter on Naukri" [caption id="attachment_4665" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Recruiter Updates"][/caption]

How to stop following a NaukriRecruiter profile?

You can manage the NaukriRecruiter profiles that you follow by visiting the Manage Recruiters section of your Naukri Account. You can visit their NaukriRecruiter profiles by clicking on their Names. You can choose to stop following any recruiter profile by clicking on the unfollow link.