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Get applies from Premium Institute Candidates, easily ! Yes, now you can filter Premium institute candidates easily. And it is as good as handpicking them ! We have now introduced ‘Premium Engg./MBA Institute’ filters in your Naukri Job Posting form. You can use this feature to filter premium candidates from all the applies to your postings.   How will this help ! If you are looking to hire candidates from Premium institutes (Engineering/MBA) you will be able to specify the same as a filter. Application from Registered Candidates will be checked for Premium Institutes. Only Full Time B.Tech. and MBA programs... Read More

Top trends in Referral Hiring ! Don’t lose out on passive candidates Companies dedicate a lot of time and resources in capturing the attention of passive candidates. And Why not so ! Passive candidates are untapped pool and reaching out to them results in higher conversions. Also, the best way to reach them is through your Employees.   Explore the Internet!   Companies, nowadays, use social networks to interact with jobseekers and build brands; This branding  gets them to get more responses in long term and acts like a new source of Talent Pipeline.   Brand your Referral... Read More

How to upload photograph on your NaukriRecruiter profile?

Goto Enter your NaukriRecruiter login email and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using your email address. After logging in, click on upload photo. You should choose a current and professional head-shot that has high resolution and clarity. Crop your photo to ensure that your face is clearly visible. Click upload.Check how your photo appears on your profile. If you have posted any jobs using your NaukriRecruiter profile, your photograph will start appearing automatically on those jobs. Regards, Vridhi... Read More

Why should you have your photograph on NaukriRecruiter?

1.  Build your personal brand Your photograph makes your profile easily recognizable. It distinguishes you from other recruiters of similar name. 2.  Increase your follower network Your follower network will be 5x larger if you have uploaded your photograph than if you haven’t. 3. Enhance credibility of your jobs and Resdex emails Jobs on get 20% more responses if they have recruiter photo attached. Resdex emails get 11% more responses with photo profile attached. By adding a face behind your name, the credibility of your jobs and emails... Read More

Is your Referral program recruiter friendly? Does your Referral program work for your Recruiters ? We always make sure that a referral program is so designed that an employee is able to give us good referrals. However, we often overlook recruiters' comfort while structuring an employee referral program. Your program may turn out be a failure, if you fail in justifying comfort of either employees or recruiters.  The challenge here is to make both ends meet and provide a perfect platform for both the parties. How can you make your referral program a success for your recruiters? 1. Automated Referral Tracking System: It’s... Read More

NaukriRecruiter 3.0 – Give an identity to your search for talent

NaukriRecruiter 3.0 - Give an identity to your search for talent from vridhi chowdhry

7 effective ways to improve responses to Quick-Jobs

1.  Write a concise and clear Job Title Job title should contain designation, department, industry/sector of the job opening, for example: Senior Expert - Web Engineering (Server Architect) GM/VP/AVP - FINANCE ARD Scientist with US MNC Pharma, Mumbai Practice Leader (Embedded/ CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM) - Global Engineering Services Manager- export market sales-- Middle east, Africa, Turkey, ASEAN countries 2.  Write a complete Job Description More details in job description help job-seekers match their interests and qualifications to the job more easily, which means more... Read More

Why your Referral Program needs to go Mobile You want BEST TALENT ! Don't you ? And attracting them is your number one challenge as well ? That's because you are searching in the wrong place. Our internal data suggests, 40% jobseekers now search jobs through Mobile. And this number is only going to go North. Naturally, their friends will also be on Mobile. So, if you plan to hire through 'Employee Referral', it is important to move your Referral program to a mobile enabled platform. Your Employees should be able to Easily go through Open Positions in the company Share relevant jobs with friends or Refer them in... Read More

Give Stimulus to your existing Referral program. Now ! A well planned and executed 'Employee Referral' program can create a wonderful hiring pipeline. Companies these days are engaging in innovative referral implementation to increase adoption. Are you one of  these ? Does your organization have an balanced referral program yet only few people participate in it ? Employee motivation may be a roadblock here! A common pitfall with recruitment teams is that they fail to motivate employees enough for referrals. Employees may not refer just because they believe it is part of their job responsibility. Employees refer for one or more... Read More

Does your Referral program work on Mobile ? Make your Referral program Brand Ready   Customize your referral emails effortlessly Use one of our Pre-created Banners   [caption id="attachment_6201" align="aligncenter" width="300"] New Pre-created banner themes[/caption] Help Employees to Share jobs anywhere, anytime Use our Mobile ready mailer versions   [caption id="attachment_6203" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Add color to your referral emails[/caption]   White label the mailers and give a rich look and feel to them select one of our flat and crisp color layouts [caption... Read More