Enhancing Resdex Comments: A Productivity Boost for Recruiters

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We are excited to announce upcoming changes in the Resdex comments functionality, aimed at empowering recruiters with enhanced productivity tools. These improvements are designed to streamline the process of entering and retrieving structured information, providing recruiters with valuable insights for better decision-making. Let’s delve into the new features and benefits that this update will bring.

What is the Update? The Resdex comments functionality is undergoing significant enhancements to provide recruiters with a more structured and efficient commenting experience. With the upcoming changes, recruiters will have access to the following key features:

  1. Private Comments: Recruiters can now post private comments that are visible exclusively to themselves. This allows for discreet notes and observations, enhancing confidentiality and facilitating individualized assessments.
  1. Structured Labels: The addition of structured labels enables recruiters to capture important information effectively. Current labels include Expected Salary, Current Salary, Notice Period, Relevant Experience, and Willing to Relocate. This empowers recruiters to organize and retrieve critical data easily.
  2. Retrieval of Labeled Information: The new functionality allows recruiters to extract information based on labels both from the Excel download and comment report. This feature simplifies data management and analysis, contributing to improved decision-making processes.
  3. Increased Character Limit: With the update, recruiters can now enter up to 500 characters in a single comment. This expanded character limit offers more room for detailed and insightful feedback.
  4. Comment Quota: Recruiters can post a maximum of 50 public comments and 50 private comments. This ensures a balanced and organized approach to managing comments.

Why is this Update being Done?
The primary objective behind this RESDEX update is to enhance recruiter productivity and efficiency. By introducing structured labels and private comments, recruiters can efficiently organize and access candidate data, making the entire recruiting process more streamlined and effective. These changes will lead to improved decision-making and a better candidate matching experience.

Who Gets Impacted?
This update directly impacts all recruiters who utilize the comments functionality on RESDEX & RESDEX Enterprise. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!