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Get better at using Naukri – Download the Quick Start Guide

Whether you are an experienced recruiter or have just started out, the Naukri.com Quick Start Guide has tips and techniques to help you find the right candidate faster. It is extremely important that you are aware of the different Resdex Search and Job Posting tips and when to use them to get the desired results. The Quick Start Guide for Recruiters is a small attempt to help you with your quest for talent. This document is drafted in a simple and user friendly manner to help not only a new recruiter but also aid people who have been using our recruitment solutions for a long time. The... Read More

Shortlisting Applications was never this Easy!

Short listing relevant applications from a large pool of responses received for a job advertisement is one of the most time consuming task for recruiters. But not anymore. Introducing the EZ Filters in Response Manager which will allow you to zero-in on applications that match the exact requirement posted by you in just one click, without even going through all the applications. You can filter applications on: Experience Matches Industry Matches Education matches Location Matches Any number of the above filters can be applied at will at the same time. For example,... Read More

e-Apps : Response Management Solution

"Bring your entire recruitment process online"- We all realize that it's easier said than done. However much one tries it is a huge task for a recruiter to organize his entire business online. There are just so many things involved - advertising, collecting responses (and responses flow in all forms and from all sources), scanning through them, shortlisting, rejecting, ensuring no mix ups happen, scheduling interviews, conducting them and then again short listing and rejecting. Phew and it goes on and on...The situation is worse when the recruitments are being managed at a larger scale and... Read More