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NaukriRecruiter – Give an identity to your search for talent

  [embed]http://www.slideshare.net/vridhichowdhry1/naukrirecruiter[/embed] If you are a HR professional, placement/search consultant, a hiring manager or an entrepreneur who is responsible for hiring for his team – NaukriRecruiter is for you. It will make your search for talent more personalized and more effective. With NaukriRecruiter, you can showcase your expertise in recruitment domain and the mandates you are currently hiring. To join NaukriRecruiter, register with your personal Email-ID at NaukriRecruiter Registration Page. Verifying your email is mandatory for... Read More

NaukriRecruiter – FAQs by jobseekers

1. What are Recruiter Profiles? Recruiters can now create their profiles on NaukriRecruiter and post jobs in these profiles which jobseekers can apply to. NaukriRecruiter features the profiles of some of the most prolific recruiters in the country. These profiles contain the jobs posted by the recruiters not only on Naukri but also on other job portals. 2. What benefit do I get from the NaukriRecruiter profiles? As a jobseeker you can search and follow the recruiter profiles in NaukriRecruiter. Following recruiter profiles keep you updated about the latest jobs posted by them and... Read More