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New Resdex Features

[embed]http://http://www.slideshare.net/adityashaw1/new-resdex-features[/embed] The above slides list few of the most important features of the New Resdex user-interface. In case of any queries, please reach out to support@naukri.com

Recruiter Blogs: What all is there?

There are blogs written by recruiters of course but which ones do you look at and how do you find one from your favorite company? This post would try and answer these questions. The Homepage of the Recruiter Blogs (http://recruiterblogs.naukri.com/) has 3 sections, namely: Blogs Gallery, Featured Blogs and Recent Posts. The names of these sections are self-explanatory but I'd still detail them out for you. 1) Blogs Gallery: This section has links to all blogs (ever written) by recruiters of few companies that are using online recruitment (Naukri) and have chosen to use the blogs as a... Read More

Resdex: Introduction to Resdex Blog

This is a platform where you can directly interact with the Resdex Team of naukri.com. What you can get - information about Resdex, features, search tips, new additions and much more. What you can do - share your views, give feedback, suggestions, ... So visit this place frequently to keep yourself updated and help in knowing each other better. Also let us know if you want us address any specific topic.