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Preview our Best used Referral/IJP Email Templates

Recruiters can now boost their Employee Referral program by using our pre-defined HTML templates. These templates look nice and provide rich look and feel to your referral emails with their 'Company Branding'. Whats more you can now create and customize how your referral email looks with your own banners, colors and images. The options include 'Mobile Ready' email template to allow your employees to share through mobile as well. View our most used email themes below - Faces Elegance Talent Banner Creative Simple Custom Rich email theme with Vibrant colors, 'Faces'... Read More

You can now add Photos and Presentations to your Job Postings!

We have introduced a new feature to add Photos and Presentations to your Job Posting. These would be displayed to the jobseeker on the Job Description (JD) page. This feature is intended to work for you as a branding tool so that you can promote/advertise your company to jobseekers better. You can either upload photos of your office facility and people (building, employee work space, cafeteria, office personnel etc.) or upload a corporate presentation that you would like jobseekers to go through. As of now, we have limited the access of this feature to Companies that – a) Have an... Read More