Get applies from Premium Institute Candidates, easily !
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Yes, now you can filter Premium institute candidates easily.
And it is as good as handpicking them !

We have now introduced ‘Premium Engg./MBA Institute’ filters in your Naukri Job Posting form. You can use this feature to filter premium candidates from all the applies to your postings.


How will this help !

  • If you are looking to hire candidates from Premium institutes (Engineering/MBA)
    you will be able to specify the same as a filter.
  • Application from Registered Candidates will be checked for Premium Institutes.
  • Only Full Time B.Tech. and MBA programs from these premium institutes will be considered as matched.
  • Matching applications will be sent to recruiters on email. Matching applications will also be available in Inbox folder of your Naukri response manager.
  • Unmatched responses will be available in the ‘Unmatched folder’ of your response manager.


How can you set these filters ?

  • Recruiters can set this filter from the job posting page under education.
  • These filters can be applied once B.Tech. (in UG Education) and MBA (in PG Education) are selected.
  • Recruiter can remove these filters from the job posting page or the Personalized Application Filters page.


premium filters in job posting

Premium Institute filters in Naukri  Job posting (click to zoom)


Which Institutes are covered under Premium category ?

  • List of premium colleges both under B.Tech. and MBA can be viewed by recruiter on the job posting form itself.
  • Click on View Premium Institutes List‘ link to see premium Engg. and MBA colleges covered
  • List of Premium Colleges will be reviewed regularly for any updates.

premium insitute list _engg

premium insitute list _mba

Please note that currently unregistered candidates cannot be filtered basis these filters.
We are working on it and will be updating the same soon.


How to Filter responses in your response manager
Do you know that your Naukri response manager – eApps provide you option to filter ‘Premium Candidates’ in 1 click (refer the image below)

Filter Premium Candidates in 1 click in eApps response manager

Also, learn how to use eApps automatic Action Based Filters

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Happy Premium Hiring ! Team