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Do you send a lot of Resdex mails to jobseekers to fill open positions in your organization?

If the answer is yes, then this feature is for you. Naukri now allows recruiters to directly create a job from their Resdex mails and post it on Naukri. With the launch of this feature, you will be able to reach out to more relevant jobseekers and build a bigger talent pool in shorter period of time.

Why is it important?

As per the current process, in order to hire for an open position in the organization, a recruiter could search for relevant candidates in Resdex, and send the job as an email to the matching profiles.  While this is a standard method, it can be time consuming and provides limited reach.  

However, with RMJ to Jobs feature going live, recruiters could get more candidates to see their job & that too just with the click of a few buttons. RMJ to Jobs is targeted towards recruiters who love to hire quality candidates, on the go. The AI & ML powered job posting help recruiters target the right talent, quickly & effortlessly.

How it works?

  •  Conduct a search in Resdex for your next requirement.
  • From the search results, select the relevant candidate to send a Resdex mail or RMJ
  • Add the job details such as JD & other fields, and select appropriate candidate filters to ensure the right candidates receive the email
  • Preview the email and send it to the selected candidates.
  • Once the Resdex mails are triggered to the selected candidates, a pop up message will be visible to you to convert the mailer into a job
  • Clicking on Post Job will take you to the job posting form, where you can add other job details and post it on Naukri easily.

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