New fields “May Prefer” added to Fresher Profiles in Resdex to help Fresher hiring !

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A new field – May Prefer has been added to the profiles of inexperienced Fresher candidates in Resdex in order to boost their chances of getting reviewed by recruiters for relevant openings.

This field lists the top job-title and keyword preferences of the jobseeker. These are not explicitly mentioned by the jobseekers but are computed analytically from the jobseeker’s usage pattern on the Naukri platform – a help text to the same effect has been provided for in the CV View Page beside the May Prefer field.

The May Prefer field, if available, will be visible in SRP tuple and CV View Page below the May be Interested In Field.


May Prefer fields gives additional information about the candidate regarding his job inclination and preferences – will help the recruiters to make more informed and correct decisions during the screening process.

Also, it will help Fresher candidates by boosting their chances to be included in the search result for keyskills they are looking out for.


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