New field “May Also Know” in Resdex to help recruiters find the most relevant candidates !

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A new field “May Also Know” has been added to CV Profiles in Resdex in order to help retruiters make a more informed decision during their screening process.

  • “May Also know” skills are not explicitly mentioned by the candidate but rather has been computed  by the system using Machine Intelligence by analyzing the candidate’s uploaded CV.
  • This field is shown in the Search Result Page candidate tuples as well as in the CV Detail Page
  •  Keyword matching happens on these fields the same way as it does for Key Skills section, although the weight given to “May Also Skills” is much less compared to Key Skills.Screenshot 1 Screnshot 2
    These fields will help recruiters in the following cases

    • It will help discover more relevant candidates within the Search Result by including those candidates who have not filled their key-skill section properly and hence were missing out on being included in the Search Results
    • It will give recruiters get more candidates for niche skills.

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