3 ways to get 30% more relevant responses to Naukri jobs

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By attaching your NaukriRecruiter profile to your jobs on Naukri.com, relevant responses will increase by 30%.
You can attach NaukriRecruiter profile to your Naukri job in ANY of the following ways:

1. Add your NaukriRecruiter profile email to response email on the job posting form as shown below.
Response Email on Job Posting Form

2. If you can’t receive job posting responses on your personal email, with which you registered NaukriRecruiter profile, add your NaukriRecruiter profile email in RP Email section as shown below.
RP Email on Job Posting Form

3. If you don’t want to add your personal email to job posting on Naukri, login with your NaukriRecruiter credentials at http://naukrirecruiter.naukri.com, and add your official/company email address as secondary email address in NaukriRecruiter.Secondary Email in NaukriRecruiter profile
Your NaukriRecruiter profile will automatically start appearing on your Naukri jobs. NaukriRecruiter vCard on Naukri JD

Vridhi Chowdhry
Naukri Product Team