Monthly Archives: August 2022

Resdex Super-user licensing structure revamp. Now go hassle free!

At Naukri, our efforts are always focused on making the user experience and hiring process hassle free, simple and effective for recruiters. Keeping these at the core we constantly keep upgrading the Resdex platform. This is an outcome of our ingrained philosophy of – constant improvement. We have updated Naukri’s licensing structure to make the Superuser experience hassle free, convenient and faster.   Superusers will now see an option in proxy login and Manage sub-user page – to allot a Resdex subscription to their ID. They can choose to assign the Resdex... Read More

Introducing Applicant Insights. Now you can screen better candidates faster!

Finding a perfect candidate is like finding a needle in the haystack! In our numerous conversations with recruiters, we learnt that if the ‘Resume Screening’ step is optimized, the entire hiring process can become a lot smoother and efficient for them. This is where Applicant Insights comes into play! Applicant Insights will help recruiters find their target candidate faster and with ease. It provides recruiters with an instant and easy to understand view of the available candidate pool against specific sourcing criteria like salary, notice period, skills, present company,... Read More

Now manage folders with ease

Recruiter productivity is the most under-rated game changer when we think of making the hiring process better both in terms of quality and efficiency. Hence, it has been an area of major focus for us. As part of this series of updates, we have updated the Manage Folder Page on our platform. The updated ‘Manage Folder’ page is even more dynamic and comes packed with powerful features. The folders can now be filtered as per date of creationYou can share folders with specific teammates nowThe name of the folders are editableRecently shared folder can now be highlightedAdditionally,... Read More