Monthly Archives: January 2021

Introducing Mobile Branding Solutions

The latest addition to our Employer Branding Portfolio In today’s hyper-competitive global market, having a sterling employer brand can help you edge out competitors and attract top talent.  Whether it’s good work-life balance, job security or a pleasant work environment, it’s important for any employer to communicate these value propositions to potential candidates by creating a strong employer brand . However, despite the fact that more and more jobseekers now use mobile devices for job search, most recruiters still follow employer-branding strategies designed for desktop. In... Read More

Introducing Resdex Enterprise

Resdex Enterprise is a next generation talent planning & sourcing platform that makes hiring more efficient & effective. Let’s know more about this platform Resdex Enterprise brings you many new features that not only make your work fast, but also let you hire smart: 1. Advanced AI / ML Personalized Search: Our advanced AI/ML algorithms takes into account your recruiter’s actions on the platform to find their preferences for company, education & other profile attributes and curate the search results accordingly to deliver the right talent... Read More