Monthly Archives: December 2017

Apply Email – How to view PDF attachments ?

When a jobseeker applies to your jobs, Naukri team sends out an Apply Email which contains the jobseeker profile details along with the attached CV. Some recruiters complain that in case the attachment is a PDF file, they are experiencing some problems opening it. Instead of attached CV getting opened, browser is opening. This issue happens since the default application for opening PDF file on your system is NOT set as Acrobat Reader. In case you are also facing this issue, you can use the below options to solve it - OPTION 1 SAVE ATTACHMENT AND OPEN WITH ADOBE READER   1.... Read More

Securing your Naukri account against unauthorized user addition

In continuation of our efforts to improve security for your accounts/data and curb unauthorized access/hacking, we are adding a layer of security over client quota utilization. To safeguard your account, we are rolling out a new security feature, authorization code prompt in case of user addition. Details below – When super user adds a user, he/she may be prompted to enter a one-time Authorization Code. A seven digit Authorization Code is sent on his/her email id and mobile number (if mobile is verified) Super user can use the same to continue with user addition. The... Read More

Introducing CV Recommendations against your Posted Jobs

We are excited to announce that Resdex CV recommendations are now available against your Posted jobs. How it works - 1. This feature will be available for users who have both Naukri Job Posting and Resdex subscription. 2. Currently, you can access this feature from Manage Jobs and Responses in your account. 3. Click on the CV recommendation widget and choose a job or directly click on the link under the job title. 4. System will start showing you top recommendations from Resdex database that match your job details 5. You can view these CVs and contact them through email/phone call... Read More