Why your Referral Program needs to go Mobile

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You want BEST TALENT ! Don’t you ?
And attracting them is your number one challenge as well ?

That’s because you are searching in the wrong place.
Our internal data suggests, 40% jobseekers now search jobs through Mobile.
And this number is only going to go North.
Naturally, their friends will also be on Mobile.

So, if you plan to hire through ‘Employee Referral‘, it is important to move your Referral program to a mobile enabled platform.

  1. Your Employees should be able to
    • Easily go through Open Positions in the company
    • Share relevant jobs with friends or Refer them in Single click
    • Track what happened to that job in one place
  2. Employees’ friends should be able to
    • Understand job profile and other details
    • Apply through shared positions seamlessly
  3. And You as a recruiter should be able
    • Sit back and relax while referral CVs flow in
    • Track closures and referral payouts easily

And all this should happen ‘On-the-Go’ : On MobileĀ 

Having a referral program on mobile helps in other ways as well –

A. Builds your Brand

Candidates prefer working for somebody who is well known, has great Employee centric policies, offers great perks and commands respect in the market.
Nothing better than a Brand to help your cause. And, Employee Referral does just that.

Your employees are your messengers who will bring in more traffic, better resource and more prosperity to your company. It is therefore, important to nurture them and sell them your brand.

B. Gives wings to your Referral program

Presence on Mobile, ensures more people see it, use it not just when they want to
but also wherever they want to.
And, this is the difference between a referral program and a Great Referral program .

So, what are you waiting for ?

Contact us today for a quick and free consultation on
‘How to set up a Mobile Enabled Employee Referral program’

Happy Hiring !
Naukri Referral Team