Upgraded Response Manager for Classified Job Posting

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Now all Naukri Recruiters can work on same response manager to manage their responses. Users of classified job posting use BRV (Basic Response Viewer) to view and manage their applications. BRV will now be upgraded to e-Apps, which is powered by NaukriRMS.

Upgraded response manager will help users with: –

  • Easy Shortlisting
  • Simplified Candidate Communication
  • Enhanced Collaboration
How will the upgraded response manager help users to Shortlist Profiles Easily?

Users can search profiles in response manager using search bar and advance filters. Recruiters can change application status in bulk.

Search against all Job Applies:

Recruiter can search relevant applications out of all the applies against the job based on

  • Keywords
  • Experience
  • Location

Additional Filters :

Recruiters can filter applications based on multiple filters like

  • Designation
  • Company
  • CTC
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Key Skills
  • Application Date
  • Profile Activity

Bulk Status Change:

Recruiters can select multiple applications (refer image above) and move to a status eg: Shortlist or Reject

How will the upgraded response manager simplify communication with the applicants?

Recruiters can send mails to candidates post status change. They can also call the candidate using recruiter app.

Send Mail Post Status Change:

Recruiter can send mail to candidate post status change.  Calendar invite can also be send to candidate as well as hiring manager in case of interview status.

Call Candidate from Recruiter App:

Recruiter can send a notification to their Naukri Recruiter App installed on their mobile by clicking on ‘Call from App’ present on CV details page. They can open the notification and call directly from the app.

How will the upgraded response manager help recruiters to collaborate within the team?

Recruiter can label applicant’s CV with ratings and comments to give more information to peers. They can forward multiple profiles to hiring managers at a go.

Comment and Rate Applications:

Recruiter can comment or rate applications which can be viewed by other recruiters for better collaboration.

Forward Applications to Hiring Manager

Recruiter can forward required applications to Hiring Manager from the response manager.


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For any queries or suggestions, contact us at support@naukri.com.

Happy Hiring !