Top trends in Referral Hiring !

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  1. Don’t lose out on passive candidates

Companies dedicate a lot of time and resources in capturing the attention of passive candidates. And Why not so !
Passive candidates are untapped pool and reaching out to them results in higher conversions. Also, the best way to reach them is through your Employees.


  1. Explore the Internet!  

Companies, nowadays, use social networks to interact with jobseekers and build brands; This branding  gets them to get more responses in long term and acts like a new source of Talent Pipeline.


  1. Brand your Referral program

Branding your referral emails can leave a lasting impression about the company. Choose a referral program that allows you to customize email templates.
A branded and well promoted Referral program can get you up to 20% more applies.
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  1. Go Mobile!

Our data suggests, around 40% of the jobseeker traffic is on Mobile. Ensure that your referral program gives your employees the edge of referring candidates remotely.

Does your Referral program work on Mobile ?


  1. Send Reminders automatically; Get more out of referrals

Leverage technology to send automated reminders and get more referrals.
Learn more about Naukri Referral Reminder system


  1. Pay out Referral Bonuses

Motivate your employees, to refer more, by giving out referral bonuses and other referral benefits for each conversion.
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  1. Promote your referral program

Employees play a crucial role in a successful Employee Referral program.
They are your brand messengers to the prospective employees and new referrals.
It is therefore important to promote your Referral program internally with clear communication.

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Happy Hiring !
Naukri Referral Team