Top Incentive Ideas to help your Employees refer more !

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You want referrals from Employees !  Sounds great.

But you don’t have a cash payout policy and worried about it ?
Don’t be !

Here are some quick sure-shot gift ideas that will make your employees refer their friends, even more – 
  1. Provide them with movie tickets/ theater tickets especially a set of Lounge tickets
  2. Gift vouchers for shopping are a good option
  3. A weekend outing with family with all expenses paid
  4. Few Extra Paid leaves (Specially on Monday’s)
  5. Free lunch with family at a premium restaurant in town
  6. Tickets for a rock show/ Musical concert/ F1 race
  7. Electronic Gadgets like smart phones/Tab/PSP
  8. Tickets for a sports tournament in tow

———————————————————————————————————————————-gift ideasInnovative referral gift ideas

Wondering what if you do not have budget to implement above ideas ?
Go no far ! Help your employees get social recognition amongst peers.

Here are some innovative ideas on
‘how to make your Employees excited about referrals ‘
  1. Display the employee in your website as “Referral Hero
  2. Thank you mail to the employee sent as part of mail to the whole organization
  3. You may print company calendars for ‘Top Referrer for each month’ of the previous year.
  4. Top Referrer of the month posters in places like Canteen, conference hall, workstation, break out /brain storming areas/ punchin-out places.
  5. Company diaries with a photograph of top referer of the year on the cover page
  6. Mentioning the Top Referer on the Stationaries like pens/ small notepads etc.
  7. T shirt/ sweat shirt for the employee that he/she can wear anyday of the week.
  8. Reserved Parking for a month at the most demanding slot with
    “Top Referrer of the month” decoration
  9. Lunch with the CEO/Head HR/Head of Department

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Happy Referral Hiring!

Naukri Referral Team