Similar Resumes in Response Management

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Many a times there are relevant resumes on our database that are ‘similar’ to the profile you are looking for, but may not match all the criteria you have mentioned in the search form. ‘Similar Resumes’, feature uses an intelligent algorithm to suggest resumes alternate to a particular resume in the search results, thereby helping you reach other relevant candidates.

This feature has been tremendously appreciated by our users and they have found this feature useful for searching both IT & Non IT professionals .

Following the success of Similar Resumes in the Candidate Search, we have now added this functionality to the Response Management tools viz. BRV and eApps as well. So now, you will be able to check ‘similar resumes’ in the database against applications received in your Response Management application.

This option would be available only to the users with an active Resdex subscription with Similar Resume functionality.

Do share your feedback on this feature!

Happy Recruiting!