Shortlisting Applications Just Got Easier!!

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We know that recruiters spend a lot of time to painstakingly go through each of the hundreds of applications that come in to the Inbox. In order manage those applications better we’ve only gone so far as to set a rule in Outlook to directly send responses coming for a particular job into separate folders. But is there more that can be done? For instance, if there was a way to quickly decide which application is worth a view, and which one is not, without opening an e-Mail, that would significantly increase the productivity of a recruiter.

With our two new features, ‘Customize Subject Line’ and ‘Resume Match-Tags’, there’s a whole lot that you will now be able to do to reduce the time taken to screen and shortlist applications, and increase your productivity . These features are available in the Job Posting form.

Customize Subject Line of application e-mails: This will enable you to choose what you want to display in the subject line of the application from a candidate. For instance, if you are posting jobs for niche industries you may want candidate’s current industry to be displayed upfront so that the decision making process is faster.

You can customize the subject line and see any 4, out of ‘Experience’, ‘Location’, ‘Industry’, ‘Designation’, ‘Company’ and ‘CTC’ of the candidate in the subject line of apply emails.

Job Reference code (if entered while posting the job) and job post will always form a part of the subject line, thus helping you continue to create an Outlook rule to send responses for a job in a separate folder.

Step 1 to Customize subject line

Select Parameters and Customize

Subject Line Display and Uses

Resume Match-Tags: This feature will help you organize, search, and prioritize which application email to open before others. Resume Match-tags are pre-defined tags that can be added to the subject line to display which parameter the candidate is matching on. Tags would display matches on experience (Ex), candidate’s current location (Lc), preferred location (Lp), industry (In).

Using these features: Here’s how you could use these features:-
Use Naukri Match-Tags in Microsoft Outlook to Shortlist Faster and Better

Use Naukri Match-Tags in Gmail to shortlist faster and better
1.Enter Job Ref code and the Matching criteria in Search Box
2.Click on ‘Search Mail’
3.View only those applications in the ‘Search Results’ that match on the criteria you desire to see.